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Elderly Instruments: All 
Things Strings

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In the Moment

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Karl Gude about being 
in the zone while drawing

Bob Albers is Director of Media Sandbox.  He is also a documentary filmmaker with extensive experience as a producer, director, cameraperson, writer, editor, and executive producer and teaches film and video production at MSU. He has produced and directed many documentaries, directed multi-camera orchestra programs, and has worked extensively in public affairs television programming.
Programs created and supervised by Bob Albers have ranged from governmental affairs to sports to the arts, with many programs receiving awards and widespread distribution, both national and international. He is also active as a consultant and independent producer and director.
Prior to his involvement in television, Mr. Albers was a classical guitarist, and was active as a performer, teacher, radio producer, and arts administrator. He also has training and professional experience in the visual arts, with several years of activity as a still photographer.


Elderly Instruments: All Things Strings is a documentary about Lansing’s world famous music store.  Musicians from Elvis Costello, Vince Gill, REM, and REO to the local beginner seek out the Washington Street store either online or in person.  All Things Strings is wall to wall music, from folk to rock to bluegrass to country and western. The camera takes you behind the scenes with the quirky and knowledgeable staff, into workshops with guest musicians, and into the funky office and mind of Stan Werbin, co-founder and owner, and the source of the spirit and magic of Elderly.

In the Moment is a feature length documentary about peak experiences in music, dance sports, combat……………..really everything including everyday life.  When in the moment, an individual’s performance is at its most focused, effortless, effective, and beautiful, whether it is in art or music or sports, combat, or even everyday tasks like cooking or cleaning. Everyone has these experiences, but, for most of us, being in the moment is a rare and fleeting experience. In this documentary, we open the door to these precious and private experiences and provide the viewer with a deeper appreciation for what it means and what it takes to be in the moment.