I’ve edited a collection called Waveform (University of Georgia Press, 2016)), which celebrates an exuberant field of contemporary literature, the literary essay written by women. The contributors are thirty contemporary writers who have been instrumental in pushing the possibilities of the form. I discuss the book's raison d'être at Essay Daily and Assay.

Haze Underway

I'm at work on Haze, an account of my late high school and early college days. Four years after my senior photo in a tree, I was a divorcée. "Float,” an excerpt published in the Spring 2016 issue of The Normal School, is a taste of the time when New Age was new. It was a "Notable Essay" in the 2017 edition of Best American Essays. "Houses of Detention" is another excerpt, online at the American Literary Review.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Hello Forgetfulness, Hello Mother and Phone Call in the Age of Coronavirus are up at Longreads.

Fountain Triptych is in Diagram, and A Short Book on Grief and Six-Sided LIfe are in Brevity. “How To Leave a Room” is included in The Best of Brevity: Twenty Groundbreaking Years of Flash Nonfiction, edited by Zoe Bossiere and Dinty W. Moore (Rose Metal Press, 2020).

"The Art of Falling" is in the Cincinnati Review 16.1 (2018), "Trina's Voice" in Zone 3 (Fall 2019), and "Bree Daniels" in Hotel Amerika. You can read The Year in Review at Superstition Review or June 21, 2018 at Essay Daily.

"Self-Portrait: Questionnaire" is published in Flash Nonfiction Funny, edited by Tom Hazurka and Dinty W. Moore (Woodhall Press, 2018). "Edge" appears in Elemental: A Collection of Michigan Creative Nonfiction, edited by Anne-Marie Oomen (Wayne State University Press, 2018).

Essay Daily published A Life in Lists: Anne Panning’s “On Personal Frictions & Discontinuities, Or, How Reading Montaigne Temporarily Messed with My Mind”.

Deviated Reports from the Bainbridge Island Police Blotter, nominated for a Pushcart Prize, may be encountered at The Collagist.

The "Weight" is up at Toast. You can read The Blue Dress and Spy in the House of Love at Hotel Amerika. Also online is Autumn Sonata at the Kenyon Review (with a generous response at Vela's "Women We Read").

"How to Give Baby a Bath" is available in Creating Nonfiction, edited by Erin Murphy and Jen Hirt (SUNY Press, 2016). "Of Age" is out in After Montaigne, edited by David Lazar and Patrick Madden.

"The Rejection" is in the Kenyon Review, "Deer/Confidential” in Hotel Amerika, “Wallpaper: A Parable” in Hypertext, and "You Know What I Mean, I Know You Do" in the Tampa Review.

"Invisible Engineering" appears in How We Speak to One Another: An Essay Daily Reader, edited by Ander Monson (Coffee House Press, 2016).

Companion to an Untold Story

Companion to an Untold Story is about the death by suicide of my friend Joel, Companionwho carried out a methodical plan to take his own life. The Companion is about my struggle to understand, to forgive myfriendand myself, and to lay him peaceably to rest.

Companion to an Untold Story has been awarded the AWP Prize in Creative Nonfiction.

Watch the trailer on YouTube or Vimeo. Listen to interviews on Michigan Writers on the Air and NPR's The Story. Read them at Kristin Bair O'Keefe's Writerhead, Richard Gilbert's Narrative, Mary: A Journal of New Writing, and Essay Review. Buy the book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Reviews, reactions, and more on the Companion here.

My first book, Girl Rearing

The girl being reared in Girl Rearing is me.




Waveform front cover

Haze photo

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Observations Brought Back from the Zoo

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