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Assorted Games and Demos

Qix (classic video game) emulator

CT-scanner Inspiration (Science as Art)

Rubik's Cube
link 1 link 2

Maxwell's Demon

Critical Dampening

Double Pendulum

Euler and Hamiltonian graphs

Avalanche Model

Molecular Dynamics (MD)

Fourier transform and power spectrum

Convolution and Autocorrelation

Edge of Chaos Cellular Automata

Powers of 10 Visualization

1-D Quantum States

Voronoi Game

Markov process

Pascal Lines

Quantum Foam

(figure from "Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene)

Calabi-Yau Manifolds

Daisyworld Simulation

(figure from

Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

Quaternion Rotations Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4

Assorted Picture Galleries

Brasil Pictures, flickr stream

"Freshman on Campus"

"You're a Poltergeist, Charlie Brown!"

"It's the morning after, Charlie Brown!"

"Assisted suicide is not funny"

"Wrong place at the wrong time"

"2-D Sculpture #1"

"Comedy or Tragedy, Part II"

"Smiley Ball #1"

"Poincaré Recurrence"

"What is it about TeeVee?"

"Fibonacci Cross"

"Sequential Spike"

"Grid Sequence"

"Chaz Rodders I"

"Chaz Rodders II"

"Locutus of Borat"

"Zoidberg's Message of the Day"

"The Matrix, revisited"

"How to walk on water, scientifically"

"Lunch with Dilbert"

"I hate entropy"

"Decapod vs. Cephalopod"

"Tangram Tournament"

"Bigfoot Explained"

"Hotel Antonio Gaudi"

"Laryngitis at the Border"

"Comedy or Tragedy?"

"Dinner in Madison"

"Community Data Array"

"Performance Anxiety"

"Perceptual Ennema"

"Organic Piano Keys"

"Meltdown meets the Domino Effect"

"Tribute to a Necker Cube"

"Triangle World"

"Bobcat Goldthwait, 1995"

"Van Gogh meets the Samurai"

"Octopus Habitat"

"Locutus of Max Born"

"Rise of the Melonheads"

"Got Milk?, geek version"

"Virtual World Research"

"Banned in Canada"

"Judgement Day"

"Obscure References, obscure references, obscure references!"

"Crazy Eyes"

"Razor-faced Spy"

"Star Trek, Episode 74 -- Kirk and Spock at the Vatican"

"Symbolic Logic At Play (a.k.a. Being Transposed)"

"Radicals at Play"

"Ass-kicking Obama (or Obama as Punchy)"

"Rubik's Cube-inspired Rube Goldberg Machine"

"A Bell Curve Representation of Michael Richards' Career"