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Communication Outlook Issue 17.3/4


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Regular Departments

 ISAAC Membership Info -- The International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
 Where the Action Is -- Reports on centers and groups working on various aspects of Augmentative communication, including device development, dissemination, funding, and advocacy.
 What's New -- New resources or information of general interest.
 Coming Up -- Calendar of events of regional, national or international interest.
 Software -- Computer software written or adapted specifically for use by individuals experiencing communication handicaps.

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 Authors and Contents

Extending Telecommunications Service to Persons with Moderate Speech Disabilities and Speech Synthesizer Users in California  Robert Segalman reports on a new service which is changing communication options for people in California.
Human Communication: The Power and the Right  Commissioner Bob Williams spells out how the ability to communicate relates to individual rights.
"G'Day AAC Mates!"  Peg L. Johnson recounts her experiences at an impressive conference in Australia.
Twelve-Year-Old VOCA-User Speaks To U.S. Senate Subcommitee  Jerry M. Higgins reports on Will McCarthy and his testimony before a Washington committee.
The Personal Communicator  Diana Buchanan-Luedeman describes a recently released CD-ROM
The Faces of RESNA, Part II: 1996  Donna Heiner and James Francis Bohr bring us to Salt Lake City for this important conference.
Odyssey of a Consumer  Don Bunyan tells about his personal experience with communication loss and his search for appropriate technology.
Straight Talk  Lee Roy Mullins shares his philosophy of human relationships.


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Revised May 30, 1997