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Communication Outlook Issue 18.1 Summer 1997


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Regular Departments

 ISAAC Membership Info -- The International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
 Where the Action Is -- Reports on centers and groups working on various aspects of Augmentative communication, including device development, dissemination, funding, and advocacy.
 What's New -- New resources or information of general interest.
 Coming Up -- Calendar of events of regional, national or international interest.
 Software -- Computer software written or adapted specifically for use by individuals experiencing communication handicaps.

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 Authors and Contents

Internet Surfing: AAC Style  Janet Larcher reports on the successful efforts that are being made to ensure access for all to the growing global community of the Internet.
What Technology Can Contribute  Ray Kurzweil, The Father of the Reading Machine", shares his vision of the future of assistive technology, in the context of Moore's Law.


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Revised September 30, 1997