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Communication Outlook Issue 18.2/3


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Regular Departments

 ISAAC Membership Info -- The International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
 Where the Action Is -- Reports on centers and groups working on various aspects of Augmentative communication, including device development, dissemination, funding, and advocacy.
 What's New -- New resources or information of general interest.
 Coming Up -- Calendar of events of regional, national or international interest.
 Software -- Computer software written or adapted specifically for use by individuals experiencing communication handicaps.

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 Authors and Contents

Pre-ISAAC Francophone Laurent Junier reports about the birth of a new ISAAC chapter
Looking for the Right Communication Device Richard Fosler shares his experiences.
Searching Jim Renuk gives us some pointers.
High-Tech Educational Toys for Blind Children Deborah Gilden tells about some new technology for blind children.
AAC Assessment of Students with Severe/Profound Communication Disorders Carol Lee Berger gives an introduction to AAC assessment.
Approaches to Keyboards G. Alan Creak takes an in-depth look at the theory of keyboard design


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Revised Aug 12, 1998