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Staff of the ALL

Becky Baird 
Stephen R. Blosser 
John B. Eulenberg 
Shawn A. Miller

Jennifer Baessler 
Amy E. Douglass
Deanna Hoopingarner 
Jacqui Lowman 
Stephanie Munger
Katie Smith
Robert H. Smith
Samica Laniece Norman
Beatriz Rodríguez
Carrie Wojcik



Dr. John B. Eulenberg, Ph.D.
Professor, Audiology and Speech Sciences

eulenber@msu.eduJohn Eulenbergwebsite of John Eulenberg

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Technical Director
Stephen R. Blosser, B.S.M.E.
Specialist, Audiology and Speech Sciences
Rehabilitation Engineer

blossers@pilot.msu.eduwebsite of Stephen R. Blosser

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Laboratory Manager
Shawn A. Miller 
Junior, Audiology and Speech Sciences Shawn Alison Millerwebsite of Shawn A. Miller

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Editor, Communication Outlook
Rebecca Ann Baird 
Junior, English Rebecca Baird

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Student Staff

The ALL employs graduate and undergraduate students throughout the academic year in paid and volunteer positions. Some ALL projects provide support for directed research courses under faculty supervision.

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Laboratory Research Associate
Amy Elizabeth Douglass
Graduate Student, Speech-Language Pathology Master's Program website of Amy E. Douglass

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Associate Editor, Communication Outlook

and Student Laboratory Aide 
Deanna Marie Hoopingarner 
Graduate Student, Audiology Master's Program Deanna Hoopingarnerwebsite of Deanna Hoopingarner


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Circulation Manager, Communication Outlook 
Robert H. Smith 
Sophomore, Biochemistry Robert Hinckley Smithwebsite of Robert H. Smith

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Jacquelyn Lowman, Research Associate

Ph.D. Student, Mass Media Program website of Jackie Lowman

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Stephanie Munger, Student Lab Assistant

Stephanie Munger Stephanie Mungerwebsite of Stephanie Munger

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Samica Laniece Norman, Student Lab Assistant Samica Laniece Normanwebsite of Samica Norman

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Jennifer Baessler, Volunteer Lab Assistant

baessle1@pilot.msu.eduJennifer Baessler


Beatriz Rodríguez, Graduate Assistant

Graduate Student, Speech Pathology Master's Program Beatriz Rodr‰guezwebsite of Beatriz Rodríguez

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Katie Smith, Lab Assistant/Systems Analyst

Junior, Speech Pathology Program

E-mail: smithk38@pilot.msu.eduWebsite of Katie Smith

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Carrie Wojcik, Volunteer Lab Assistant

wojcikca@pilot.msu.eduwebsite of Carrie Wojcik


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Recent Alumni of the Artificial Language Lab

For further information, contact

Artificial Language Laboratory
405 Computer Center
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1042
Phone: (517) 353-5399
Fax: (517) 353-4766
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