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Innovative Control Devices

Artificial Language Laboratory research and development has created assistive devices which are widely used to adapt commericially available communication and control equipment. Activation modes and nuanced design advance functional learning experiences in special education research.


The Self-Calibrating Auditory Tone Infrared switch is a versatile optical switch for persons who cannot operate standard mechanical switches. It is frequently used with eye blink as an input method.  [Note: A new version of the SCATIR Switch is available from Tash, Inc. The SCATIR Switch is no longer available for purchase from the Artificial Language Laboratory.]

TAS Switch

The Totally Active Surface switch is a rugged but sensitive momentary contact switch that can be adjusted for varying degrees of force.

Optical Detented Joystick

This device, available for both hand and foot use, is a mechano-electronic selection device which provides superior performance for persons who experience tremor. .

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