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There is something very wrong with how children and students are taught now a day. The way they’re being taught now is because parents and students want to protect them. Protect them from what though, the “real world?” This only hurts them in the long run, and parents and teachers either cannot see this or refuse to acknowledge it is true. What we need to fix this is not the harshness of the fifties learning and raising of a child, but this codling method we have now is not working either. A balance must be reached for the betterment of the children and students.

A factor that authorities are allowing to hurt the new minds of today is technology. Yes it is great, and is required for our society to advance. But now can we emphasize the importance of technology one minute and then the next minute in class teachers are using the same methods they were taught by. I cannot stand it when I have to sit there and learn from a map that is no longer politically correct because nations have ceased to exist or country names have changed. Why bother using maps and handouts when we could use computers with up to date information. Using technology that students are familiar with is beneficial since they are more likely to pay attention which would mean they would get more out of the learning. I’m not alone in my feelings of hatred of old and even dead technology, others of my generation feel the same way.

There are a lot of other things that I could think of to talk about, ideas generated from reading the essay “Generation NeXT Comes to College” by Mark L. Taylor and the YouTube video by Michael Wesch. But the idea creating the most unease for me was being taught things that I’ll never again use. Things I only learn for the test and then forget about completely after it is over. Is that not a waste of my time and the teachers if I never again use the information I spent all that time learning. Why not instead have students learn about things they can use in the “real world.” This includes though teaching them life skills and lessons not clearly seen unless a student thinks about why their teacher had them do this project this way. There would have to be a lesson or a reason to everything done in class, busy work would be eliminated. Busy work is garbage and students know it’s a waste of their time so either do not do it or put minimal effort into it.

The video on YouTube and the essay “Generation NeXT Comes to College” bring up the enticing issue stating that students are not being prepared for the real world. The real world has changed with technology and yet teaching has not. This needs to change.