SUNThis site was developed as part of a research project, Sun Protective Knowledge, Attitudes & Practices of youth, A Web Based Approach to Research & Education, directed by Ann C. Slocum, Ph.D. and Joanne Schultink, M.S. This research was funded by Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station.

All graphics and design in this web site, including Sun Wise Quiz, were created by Ji-Hyun Kim, graduate research assistant of this project, Spring 1999 to Spring 2000. More Information about the project can be found in a thesis by Kim, Developing an Educational Web Site for Youth Regarding Protection from Ultraviolet Radiation, And Evaluating That Site via the Internet, Unpublished Master's Thesis, Michigan State University, May 2000.

Carol Beard, R.N., B.S.N. graduate research assistant, Spring 2000, provided leadership in researching and writing the information for adults.

Special Thanks

The research team wishes to thank Jr. James Obielodan, Faculty Facility for Creative Computing, Michigan State University for facilitating the on-line data collection.

We are grateful to Dr. Glen Linsey, O.D., F.A.A.O, ophthalmologist, for reviewing the information pertaining to sunglasses. Thanks also to Dr. Alice I. Gale, MD, dermatologist, for reviewing for technical accuracy the information on sun screens and blocks, tanning beds, sun facts, and skin cancer.

This work has been informed and inspired through the work of colleagues who are too numerous to recognize individually but without whose prior contributions the development of this web site would not have been possible.

Any comments and questions, please email to Dr. Ann Slocum,

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