UV protective clothing

Scientists suggested that the best form of protection is avoidance of UV rays and the use of clothing to provide UV protection. Avoidance may not be practical for most people, especially for kids and teens, who love to play outside.

For your UV protection, you can choose tightly woven, dark color clothing from your wardrobe. Dark colors may be warmer to wear but provide better protection because the dye pigments absorb UV rays and also visible light. If you are looking for more protection or you are sun sensitive, you can wear specially engineered UV protective clothing.



Hats also can give you protection. The most important thing to consider is how much they will shade you from the sun. The wider brimmed hat (at least 3 inches) shades your face, nose, ears and the back of your neck and can give you more protection than a baseball cap which will just barely shade your face. But remember, wearing any hat provides sun protection!

The overexposure of UV radiation can eventually lead to eye cataracts and other vision problems. Sunglasses can provide you with UV protection. But not all sunglasses are the same. Select sunglasses labeled UV protection.




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