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FAQs for Academic Scholarsarrow

I'm an Academic Scholar - where do I go for advising? 
If you have declared a major, you should see an academic adviser in the college or departmental advisor for your major preference. If you are "no-preference," you should see the advisors in the Undergraduate University Division. If you have questions about the ASP program requirements, email the ASP Coordinator ( 

I'm a first-year Scholar who couldn't schedule any Honors classes this year: what should I do?
Talk to your academic advisor and see if you can change your schedule for Spring semester to include an Honors course or section, and/or talk to your professors early in the semester to see if they offer an Honors Option. Then, work with your adviser to develop a schedule for your second year that allows you to fulfill theASP program requirements

Can I enroll in an Honors course or take an Honors Option if I am not in the Honors College? 
For Honors courses/sections in Integrative Studies and other approved Honors courses/sections on the Academic Scholars course list (see ASP Course Lists), you can enroll directly if there is space in the course.  For other Honors courses/sections, you need to email the Honors College to request an override. Any MSU student may take an H-Option in a class that offers one. 

Am I allowed to enroll for classes early, like Honors College students? 
No, this is a privilege reserved for members of the Honors College. 

Can I fulfill the requirement of an Honors Integrative Studies course by completing an H-Option in a regular Integrative Studies course? 
No. Part of the value of Honors courses is the interaction you get with other very good students, and an H-Option can't offer you that experience. 

Does an Honors lab count toward ASP requirements?
Starting in Fall 2009, a single Honors lab section or an honors option in a laboratory course will count as a "full" Honors experience.  Please note that this policy is not retroactive.

According to my advisor, students have to complete a 200-level ISS course before taking a 300-level course, and an IAH "A" course (IAH 201 through IAH 210) before taking any other IAH courses.  Do these prerequisites apply to me too? 
Not necessarily. As an ASP student you may be able to do Honors integrative studies sections "out of order." However, because of the complexities of the computer enrollment system, you may be told by the Enroll program that you can't get into a 300-level ISS course or an IAH "B" course - if this happens, just e-mail the ASP Coordinator ( and request an override to enroll in the course. 

Is there a minimum grade-point for receiving Academic Scholars recognition?
Yes, you will need to have at least a 3.0 at the end of your second year (normally the Spring semester, though if you're enrolled at MSU in the summer of your second year, we can go to the end of the summer for the completion deadline), as well as having the 4 enhanced ASP courses completed by then. 

When does the Academic Scholars notation appear on my transcript and my diploma? 

The transcript notation should actually appear after your second year, assuming you have completed the requirements for the program within your first two years as the ASP.  Once you graduate, the diploma notation will appear right above the seal of the University on your diploma, unless you are invited to join the Honors College and complete the HC requirements - in which case, the Honors College membership "trumps" the ASP completion, and the diploma will show "Honors College" above the University seal (but your transcript will show both programs).

If I don't finish my requirements in two years, what happens?
There's no penalty for not finishing the requirements, if you decide that the program doesn't make sense for you, though there won't be any indication on your transcript that you were in the program.

If I am away from campus for a semester (on co-op or study abroad) and am not able to take any MSU Honors courses that semester - will that prevent me from finishing the program?
No, because we won't include the semester when you are away from campus in the two-year window for completing the ASP requirements.  You'll have the first four regular (i.e., non-summer) semesters in which you are taking on-campus courses to finish the program.

Can I still take ASP Honors courses after my second year?
Yes, you'll always have the Scholar coding that lets you enroll in ASP-approved Honors courses.  However, Honors courses or ASP substitutions you take after your second year cannot be counted toward giving you transcript recognition for the program – you can only use courses taken in the first two years toward that.

How do I become eligible to join the Honors College?

Admission to the Honors College is by invitation only. All first-year students are reviewed automatically after their first Fall semester at MSU. The Honors College targets students whose cumulative GPA at the end of Fall places them among the top 10% of first-year students in their college; more information on the admissions process is available from the Honors College website. The enhanced coursework of the Academic Scholars Program may be one way to add appropriate rigor to your program, but you should also seek opportunities that highlight your ability to learn and excel at a higher level.