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Articles About Ramadan
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All you need to get ready for this Ramadan! Ahadith, articles, poems, even a day-to-day deeds chart can be found within this packet.
"Gearing Up For Ramadan" by Br. Farhan Abdul Azeez, 18
Excerpt: Subhan Allah, on this night, Laylatul Qadr, a night that is "...Better than a thousand months" [Al-Qadr: 3] all the decrees of the coming year will be written. So we should make sure we make dua to Allah (SWTA) on this night, so that He may decree for us what we ask. Its kinda like all the preperation we make for elections. Its your chance to let your voice be heard right? Well, here, in this night, is your chance to let your dua' be heard and answered.
"Are You Ready for the Last Ten Nights?" by Br. Farhan Abdul Azeez, 18

Excerpt: We're hitting that stretch where they seperate the men from the boys. It's time to step up baby. When you are trying to muster up that strength to bench that seemingly 300 pound blanket off of you at 4:00 am for the next 10 days, remember all the other days that you'll have to rest. Remember that this is your time to shine, your opportune moment to get back on the right path, to get those sins forgiven, to get closer to your Creator and your Judge.

Articles About Death
"A Message" by Sr. Ala Fahmy, 18
Excerpt: I braced myself, "this is what you've been waiting for Ala... this is what you have prepared for all this time... you will soon meet your lord" - my thoughts calmly settled in my countenance as I felt an overwhelming tranquility... "what will you miss? What should you have done differently Ala?" my thoguhts raced... back, and forth, back, and forth"
"The Angel of Death Visiting East Lansing" by Sr. Maryam Khalil, 17
Excerpt: We had just started praying the first set of rak'ahs for the Taraweeh prayer, in other words, we were on the first rak'ah of Taraweeh, and the Imam was reciting away, so beautifully, Mashallah, the ayahs from Surah Al-Mulk. So I was listening intently to the recitation until all of a sudden I see from the corner of my eye a lady, maybe four persons down to my right, just hit the ground hard. It was a very distinct *thud*! I see from the corner of my eye that this lady had collapsed and was motionless.
"Do You Remember Sonia Ahmed?" by Sr. Mona Hameed, 18

Excerpt: Sonia Ahmed, a 16 year old Muslimah from Ann Arbor, Michigan, was driving with her mother... Sonia's car drove into the pathway of a heavy gravel truck, resulting in a devastating wreck. The impact crushed the small car and pushed it into a ditch nearby, instantly killing Sonia and leaving her mother critically injured... Like all of us, Sonia had many dreams and aspirations for her future. She was a hard worker, planning to go to the University of Michigan and becoming a doctor in order to help people. Her dreams were short-lived however, because Allah (subhaana wa ta'aala) had other plans for her.

Articles About the Qur'an
"Your Weekly Dose of Qur'an" (The Tafsir of Surah Hujurat, verse by verse) by Br. Abdulah Fateh, 18
Excerpt (from verse 3): Now I know you might be thinking that it's hard to resist temptation, especially if we are in a habit of doing a particular sin. But let me tell you this, things will get easier. Initially, it may be difficult, but as you continue to stay away from that sin, it will become easier for you, as a mercy from Allah (SWTA). As Allah (SWTA) says, "Surely with difficulty is ease." [Surah Al-Shar'h, 94:5]. If you guys have ever studied Physics before, you know the difference between static and kinetic friction. Static friction is the friction that must be overcome when initially moving an object, while kinetic friction is the friction that must be overcome while the object is moving. Which of the two is greater? That's right, the static friction. So when you first try to move past that sin you are struggling with, remember, it'll be tough in the beginning, but once you get past that initial bump, it gets easier, by the Mercy of Allah (SWTA). So hang in there... soon, Allah will make things easier for you. But you have to fulfill your end of the deal and sincerely try to stay away from that sin.

Miscellaneous Articles
"It's That Time Again... Summer Vacation!" by Br. Farhan Abdul Azeez, 18
Excerpt: Once there were four young men chillin at the Ka'bah (by the way, look, the teenagers of the Prophet's time would chill at the Ka'bah, while the teenagers of our time are chillin in the malls and movie theaters... Subhan Allah... how times have changed).
"Fasting the Six Days of Shawwal" by Br. Farhan Abdul Azeez, 18

Excerpt: It's amazing how many times, we rush to everything BUT the forgiveness of Allah (SWTA). We have no trouble standing in Qiyam for four hours outside Game Stop to purchase Halo 2, yet we find it difficult to pray 15 minutes of Tahajjud. Sad man, sad.

"The Golden Days" by Br. Farhan Abdul Azeez, 18

Excerpt: So, knowing that these are the crunch days, in which Allah (SWTA) is watching us and our every deed and saying very closely, you and I are going to want to maximize our acts of worship, just like Sa'eed Ibn Jubair. When the ten days of Thul Hijjah came upon him, he said that he is going to max out in worship. So we want to max out too, to push ourselves to the limit, not let an ounce of energy we have except that it is used in the worship of Allah (SWTA).

*Ages of the authors are the time they wrote the article.

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