Meet The Board

The executive board is the behind the scenes team who keep MSUBDT up and running. Without them, there would be no coaches, no lessons, no practice space, no t-shirts, and none of the other innumerable little things that make a dance team function. This page is dedicated to their recognition, and to their efforts to make the team run like a well-oiled machine.

Rob Auger
Rob is a senior studying Advertising in pursuit of a career in nonprofit donor relations. Joining MSU Ballroom in 2013, Rob had no prior dance experience. Now he can be seen dancing anywhere and everywhere. Seriously, he wonít stop dancing. Rob hopes to bring the distinct joy that comes from ballroom dancing to MSUís campus and build a loving community around it.
Vice President
Jason Graham
Jason is a senior Biochemistry Major going on his fourth year as a part of MSU ballroom dance team. All Jason's dancing skills came from the team and the movie Hitch. Favorite dances are international styles. He hopes to help the team grow and develop as a positive atmosphere and a fun learning experience as he has found and always willing to do what he can to help others find a similar ballroom experience.
Meg Kargul
If you see Meg, offer her sugar.
Emily Kearns
Emily is a History Education major and transferred to MSU in the fall of 2015. She is super excited for this upcoming year so she can continue learning to dance and continue helping other people learn to dance as well. Emily has grown up dancing her whole life -- from a wee little babe dancing and screaming along with the music till now either dancing ballroom or still dancing and screaming along with the music. She hopes to get more people to appreciate ballroom dancing and get to know the wonderful people involved.
Competition Chair
Jaiden Kruse
I gotta close the window before I write this one cuz East Lansing don't know how to be quiet' (A$AP Ferg) Mi nombre es Jaiden Kruse, and I don't know much Spanish. I'm a Lymaan Briggs student here at MSU majoring in neuroscience and I'll be graduating in 2019. I joined the ballroom team fall of my freshman year and am the Competition Chair for the 2016-2017 ballroom season. I could not be more excited to get out on the competition floor. There is no doubt in my mind that joining the ballroom team will be the best decision of my time at Michigan State. Things people should know about me... the Viennese Waltz is my favorite dance, Spongebob was my childhood, I am thoroughly obsessed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dirty Dancing is my all time favorite movie (followed by The Shawshank Redemption), I can beat you at Mario Kart Double Dash anytime (yes, that's a challenge #tryme), my spirit animal is a Red Fox, and I'm down to start a dance party anywhere anytime. Born and raised in Ann Arbor and used to root for Michigan but I've been bleeding green ever since I got my acceptance email to MSU while sitting in senior year physics. Catch me riding around campus dancing on my longboard to whatever's playing in my earbuds. Please say "Hi" because I love people, and I'll leave you guys with this "Take a chance on that which seems to be the making of a dream" -Red Hot Chili Peppers (This Is The Place)
Curriculum Chair
Racheal Kneebone
Racheal joined the ballroom dance team because Jason (Our current Vice President) invited her to the fall open houses, her freshman year. After dancing together once, they decided to never ever dance together again, despite both joining the team. Racheal is willing to dance with literally anyone else. She learned to lead just so she could say this.
Community Coordinator
Nathan Hubble
Well if there is one thing you should know about me itís this. I. Love. People. And I guess that is why I am the community coordinator for the MSU ballroom dance team. Iíve been a student at Michigan State since the fall of 2015 and before that I was a student at Lansing Community College. Iíve been dancing ballroom ever since I started at state and it has been a fantastic experience being a part of such a tightly knit club. Besides ballroom; I am in the supply-chain management program here for the college of business and work construction during the summers. Did I mention I am a people person? Well gosh.. now you know everything about meÖ tell me about you!
Fundraising Chair
Kelsey Pagorek
Social Chair
Marina Ostaszewski
Going into her 4th year after starting ballroom dance as a freshman, Marina is more in love with dancing than ever! As a Disney enthusiast, Marina wants more than the provincial life, gets down to business, feels the love when she dances, lets it all go to appreciate the bare necessities, sees the light at the end of the tunnel, and goes the distance to be the very best she can be.
Faculty Advisor
Dan Totzkay
He is very excited to work with the team this year and is looking forward to some great dancing!