Meet The Board

The executive board is the behind the scenes team who keep MSUBDT up and running. Without them, there would be no coaches, no lessons, no practice space, no t-shirts, and none of the other innumerable little things that make a dance team function. This page is dedicated to their recognition, and to their efforts to make the team run like a well-oiled machine.

Acting President
Competition Chair
Mitch Alpiner
Mitch Alpiner is a transfer senior from Oakland Community College, holding an Associate's Degree in Vocal Music performance. When not studying Digital Media and Information, he can be found ballroom dancing. Mitch has no prior ballroom experience, but has quickly taken a love to Jive since he joined MSU Ballroom in Fall 2013. In his free time he builds computers, makes terrible puns, holds the title of "Resident DOTA 2 addict", volunteers at gaming conventions, and photoshops Erc Fuller into interesting situations.
Meg Kargul
If you see Meg, offer her sugar.
Jessica Urch
Jess is a junior this year and is majoring in psychology. She has always enjoyed dance as a part of her life but never knew the world of ballroom dancing until she came to MSU. Being on the team for two years has proved to be successful in many ways. She loves to travel and compete with the team as well as just enjoying her time with these wonderful people she has gotten to know so well. She has big plans for the future, and ballroom dancing will be included in it.
Curriculum Chair
Racheal Kneebone
Racheal joined the ballroom dance team because Jason (Our current Fundraising Chair) invited her to the fall open houses, her freshman year. After dancing together once, they decided to never dance together again, despite both joining the team. Racheal is willing to dance with literally anyone else. She learned to lead just so she could say this.
Community Outreach Chair
Rob Auger
Rob is a silver dancer. He likes to dance.
Fundraising Chair
Jason Graham
Jason Graham, came to MSU ballroom in the fall of 2014. He came as a Biosystems Engineering major ('17). He hopes to help the team grow and develop as a positive atmosphere and a fun learning experience as he has found and always willing to do what he can to help others find a similar ballroom experience. Favorite dance - Quickstep
Social Chair
Wayne Kuan
Wayne is a dancer.
Faculty Advisor
Dan Totzkay
He is very excited to work with the team this year and is looking forward to some great dancing!