Picture of MSUBDT IT Advisor

Brendan IT Consultant

Bringing with him years of experience, Brendan is the source of nearly all of MSUBDT's tech problems, solutions, and ideas. Writing documentation, taking photos, and designing websites are his sources of relaxation. He started off by visiting E-board meetings as a freshman and listening to what the team needed. Then, at the behest of some members, he started to contribute things. From this he learned a valuable life lesson about people's roles in a group effort.

While not officially part of the board, as of now, this position was originally put here to even out spacing on the website. Since the, it's been moved to the secret (Website developers page)

If you're reading this, then you're likely another student interested in taking over the development of this website. When you do, feel free to add yourself onto this secret page!

It's now my second year in college and on the team and I'm the acting secretary. I'd like to think I've been quite popular. I modernized our official MSU email and have some really good ideas to generate more money for the team. I can fully say that there is nothing like being part of something bigger. This team is my relaxation, my social life, and even the how I met my current girlfriend. If you're reading this, I really hope that you can see all the work that I've put into this team. If you can't then please come ask me about the things I've done and potentially give me ideas for what I can do in the future.