A few words about the lab...

I am always looking for good people to join the lab. I am more interested in personality and work ethic than test scores. We try to maintain a positive, supportive team atmosphere, where we can manage to have a great time at work with high levels of productivity. I am a 'hands-off' style of advisor, but I try to check in with people often to see how their work is progressing. My door is always open, I like to lend advice, I strive to return documents in a very timely manner, and I love the intellectual stimulation that is a result of having enthusiastic, hard working people around me. That being said, outside of lab meetings, how much input you receive from me is determined mainly by how often you seek advice. There is no limit to the amount of time I am willing to help others in the lab.

I encourage students to attend the many seminars and social gathers on campus each week. I also believe that students learn most by hands-on experience, so I tend to emphasize research over course work. I try to get all students in the lab to complete a small project, closely supervised by me, in the first year. This is a quick yet productive way for you to get a feel for the lab. After the project is complete, I let students develop their own projects more thoroughly, with input from me as requested. Please send me an email and we can discuss our options further.

Where to apply -- Graduate Students

Potential graduate students can apply to work in this lab through either the department of Zoology or the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. The difference between these options is whether or not you will need to do a rotation (BMS) or not (ZOL), and how each treats the requirements for courses, exams, and committees. In addition, students can duel major in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology (EEBB) and participate in the BEACON Center.

Depending on how you enter graduate school, you could either be supported on TAs, RAs (if funding and your research interests allow), or fellowships (from MSU or others). I prefer students contact me before applying and I usually accepts students through the Zoology dept.

Where to apply -- Postdocs

Contact me directly to see if I currently have funding and what is pending. We can also submit nationally competitive fellowship applications, as well as fellowships through MSU.

A few words about MSU...

MSU is an excellent place for those who are interested in evolutionary genetics. We have recently hired a large number of people with fairly similar interests in many different departments all over campus. This has made for an extremely unique and invigorating community on campus. We have essentially any piece of equipment you might need to do your research, as well as a large number of interesting seminars, discussion groups, workshops, and social gatherings (too many to attend). We are also located close to a number of other universities with wonderful potential collaborators, including UM, Wayne State, Notre Dame, Purdue, and the Chicago campuses. MSU is a part of the Big Ten intercollegiate division with a huge campus, large student body and many popular athletic programs.

We are housed in Giltner hall, on the scenic northern half of the MSU campus. While Giltner is an older building, there are many newly renovated labs with new faculty from various. East Lansing has a small, college town atmosphere (roughly 48,000 people) in the heart of the much larger Lansing Metopolitan area (roughly 450,000 people). Living in East Lansing is very inexpensive and safe. Graduate students and postdocs can either rent or even purchase their own homes, often within biking distance to campus and the downtown. East Lansing has a little bit of everything to offer within a small driving distance. We have all four seasons, with a beautiful, long spring and fall.

For those who are interested in larger cities, we are about 90 miles from Detroit, 225 miles from Chicago, 250 miles from Indianapolis, and 300 miles from Toronto. For those who are more interested in the outdoors, we are a short drive away from the sandy dunes and beaches along Lake Michigan and the pristine northern Michigan forests. There is ample opportunity for hiking, biking, skiing (both types), kayaking, fishing, or whatever outdoor adventure interests you most.