David K. Beede

Dairy Nutrition and Management, Nutrient and Environmental Management


Mitigation of Methane Emissions

My research with Marcus Hollmann and Dr. Wendy Powers at Michigan State University's Animal Air Quality Research Facility seeks to establish approaches to reduce the net balance of methane emissions from ruminant livestock operations using dairy cattle/farms as a model.  In doing so, we shall develop and implement practical strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions to meet future national and state regulatory standards and establish nutrition and management strategies to reduce, quantify, and certify reduction of emissions for carbon offsets in climate trading by animal agriculture. Specific objectives of this research include defining the mode-of-action and long-term efficacy by which MCFA reduce enteric methane generation in ruminants and establishing feeding regimens with MCFA and successive methods of manure treatment with 9,10-anthraquinone to reduce the net release of methane.

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