1) Name: The name of the organization shall be: North American Indigenous Faculty Staff Association. (NAIFSA)
a) Throughout the Bylaws, this organization shall be referred to as NAIFSA.

2) Location: The location of NAIFSA shall be on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.
a) Throughout the Bylaws, the location will be referred to as MSU.


1) Composition: Only those who have paid annual dues to NAIFSA will be considered "members in good standing" and have membership privileges.

2) Membership Privileges: All active members in good standing have a right to vote, hold office, and serve as committee chairs.

3) Membership Dues: Membership dues shall be $10.00 per year
a) The membership year shall be from April 1 through March 30


1) General Membership Meetings: General membership meetings shall be held on a monthly basis during the academic school year.
a) The meetings shall be at a time and place designated by the membership with written (including email) notice provided to each member at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.
b) All members shall be afforded an uninterrupted opportunity to speak to any and all issues before the membership, and all meetings will be conducted in a manner that respects all members and their views.

2) Annual Meeting: An annual meeting shall be held during spring semester of each year.
a) The annual meeting shall be at a time and place designated by the Executive Committee with written (or email) notice provided to each member at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.
b) The annual meeting shall be held for the purpose of electing officers and promoting fraternity within the broad MSU community that supports the goals of NAIFSA.
3) Special Meetings: The Executive Committee may call special meetings as the need arises.
a) Written notice (including email) of special meetings must be provided to all members at least seven (7) days prior to such a meeting, except when the majority of the Executive Committee may order a special meeting on less notice to deal with an issue that demands immediate attention.


1) The Officers:
a) Elected: The elected officers of NAIFSA shall be: two (2) Conveners, one (1) Secretary, and one (1) Treasurer
i) Officers shall be elected from among the NAIFSA members in good standing.
b) Appointed: A Membership Secretary will be an appointed permanent position selected from those members who wish to volunteer for this position.
i) Such appointment shall be made by majority vote of the members.

2) Executive Committee: The Executive Committee consists of the elected Conveners, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary.
a) The Executive Committee shall:
i) Meet at least monthly during the academic school year.
ii) Have authority to transact the affairs of NAIFSA between regular business meetings.
iii) Encourage and assist with all programs and events that NAIFSA may sponsor and/or develop.
iv) Appoint all committees.
v) Accept any other authority or responsibility as may be delegated to it by the membership.

3) Duties of the Executive Officers:
a) The Conveners shall:
i) Preside at all meetings of NAIFSA and its Executive Committee and shall collaboratively assume the duties of presiding officer.
ii) Be the principle spokespeople for NAIFSA as directed by the Executive Committee and/or the membership
iii) Each Convener shall exercise all power and duties as chair when the other Convener is unable to do so.
iv) Should the office of Convener become vacant the remaining Convener shall assume full responsibility for the office until a new Co-Convener can be elected.

b) The Secretary shall:
i) Record, produce and maintain true and accurate minutes of all general and Executive Committee meetings of NAIFSA and insure that hard copies of all such minutes be in the possession of the Membership Secretary.
ii) Disseminate notices of meetings regularly and routinely, and perform such other duties as are assigned by the Conveners and Executive Committee.

c) The Treasurer shall:
i) Maintain records and disburse the non-dues funds of NAIFSA in the manner directed by the membership.
ii) Render accounts of all financial transactions to the Executive Committee and to the membership at each regularly scheduled meeting.

d) The Membership Secretary shall:
i) The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for collecting, depositing, and disbursing member dues in accordance with member directives.
ii) Maintain a list of current members,
iii) Maintain the archival records of NAIFSA.

4) Terms of Office
a) Conveners
i) The term of office shall be two (2) years commencing May 1 of one year and ending on April 30 of two years following.
ii) The Conveners will be elected to staggered two-year terms.

b) Secretary and Treasurer
i) The term of office shall be one (1) year commencing May 1 of one year and ending on April 30 of the following year.

c) Membership Secretary
i) In order to assure continuity and the integrity of the records, the Membership secretary is an ongoing position.

5) Election of Officers
a) The Executive Committee shall accept nominations for positions after March 1 of each year.
b) The Executive Committee shall identify a slate of candidates for each office and obtain their consent to run for office.
c) The Executive Committee shall conduct the election in conformity with the provisions set forth in Article VII, below.
d) The vote for Officers will take place at the annual spring meeting.
e) Officers are elected by a majority vote of the members voting in the election, although the elections of Officers are subject to the challenge procedures established by Article VII-5.
f) Newly elected Officers shall assume their duties commencing with the next regularly scheduled meeting, or after the determination of the results of the Article VII-5 challenge procedure, whichever comes first.


1) The Executive Committee or the general membership may request the formation of special committees.

2) The Executive Committee shall appoint ad-hoc committees as needed to fulfill NAIFSA's purposes.

3) As each committee is appointed, the Executive Committee shall work with the committee members to define its roles, responsibilities, scope, and timelines.

4) The chair of all appointed committees shall be an NAIFSA member in good standing.


1) A quorum for membership meetings shall be the number of members in good standing in attendance at each meeting. An act of such a quorum shall be considered an act of NAIFSA.

2) A quorum for all committee meetings, including the Executive Committee, shall be a simple majority of the appointed committee members. An act of such a quorum shall be an act of the committee.


1) The bylaws of NAIFSA may be amended by mail ballot (including email) or at any meeting of NAIFSA.

2) Members in good standing shall be provided copies of all proposed amendments at the monthly meeting, which is held prior to any vote on bylaw amendments.
a) Minutes of the meeting, where bylaw changes are proposed, will be emailed to members not present at the meeting where such changes are proposed. This shall be considered an appropriate method of notification.

3) Bylaw changes require a majority vote of those members in good standing in attendance at the meeting when the vote is taken.
a) Members unable to attend a meeting where the vote is taken shall be given the opportunity to vote by paper ballot sent through campus mail or through the campus email system, as long as these absentee ballots arrive in time to be counted at the meeting.

4) The senior Convener will only vote to break a tie.

5) If any member so wishes, s/he may challenge an approved bylaw change or election by submitting to the membership a petition for a re-vote signed by at least one-third of the current NAIFSA members in good standing, as determined by the Membership Secretary.
a) If such a challenge to an approved bylaw change or election is made, and the petition is found to contain the appropriate number of valid signatures, the changes shall be subjected to a secret ballot, which will be voted on by all current NAIFSA members in good standing.
b) The secret ballot vote will be approved or rejected by majority vote of all current NAIFSA members.

6) The senior Convener will only vote to break a tie.

7) In order to allow time for a VII-5 challenge, changes to the bylaws, approved by majority vote in VII-3 above and not rejected through the procedures of VIII-5, will take effect 45 days after their initial adoption.

8) Proposals to change sections of the bylaws that have been subjected to a VII-5 challenge cannot be made for one calendar year after the change or subsequent rejection.

9) Elections of NAIFSA officers shall be subject to the same challenge procedure as outlined in VII-5 above, but the 45-day rule does not apply to elections of officers.