For the purpose of this document, 'Indigenous People' is defined as those people who have biological or cultural ties to an indigenous or aboriginal heritage. This includes, but is not restricted to people who are federal or state recognized tribal members and their descendents, the Métis, the Circumpolar Inuit, First Nations peoples (status and non-Status Indians of Canada), and others with distinct indigenous/aboriginal heritage.

NAIFSA is open to all MSU faculty, staff, graduate student employees and community members who demonstrate a commitment to work to fulfill the goals and objectives of NAIFSA, which are to:

A. Increase the involvement of Indigenous People in all levels of university life.

B. Promote professional relationships between faculty, staff and the administrators at MSU.

C. Demand accountability from those involved in the formation of policies that impact Indigenous People in the MSU community.

D. Develop effective channels of communication to bring about better understanding of the goals and objectives of affirmative action and other articulated concerns as they relate to Indigenous People in the University community.

E. Undertake a continuous plan to identify areas of need in program development and the recruitment of Indigenous students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

F. Provide a collective voice with our African-American, Asian-Pacific American and Chicano/Latino/Hispanic colleagues on matters relating to all minority affairs within MSU.

G. Encourage the development of academic excellence among Indigenous students.

H. Enhance the educational experience on campus as well as in the community at large.


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