Walter Benenson

University Distinguished Professor of Physics Emeritus

Mailing address : Lyman Briggs College

phone: 517-353-3940

Holmes Hall

fax: 517-432-2758

Michigan State University

office: E 6 Holmes Hall

East Lansing, MI 48825-1102



Research Specialties: Precision mass measurements of nuclei far-from stability, subthreshold production of pions, direct reactions at intermediate energies.

Teaching Specialties: Interactive and multimedia physics material, computerized elementary lab courses, general education.

LBS 271 amd 272 was recognized in the 2005 Michigan State University SBC FACULTY - STAFF AWARDS IN INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY competition


Recent: Morrill Plaza Kiosk

One of 130 MSU professors recognized on the Morrill Hall Kiosk.

Michigan State University honors its faculty, whose innovative teaching, groundbreaking research, and tireless commitment to outreach and service have inspired generations of students while advancing the common good around the world. These pioneers and leaders played a fundamental role in transforming MSU into the prominent land-grant, world-class research university it is today.

Faculty Emeriti Award

Dr. Walt Benenson wins the Faculty Emeriti Association Outstanding Contributions with an Individual Award
Citation: Dr. Benenson was one of the first experimental nuclear physicists at the original MSU cyclotron lab when he arrived at MSU in 1963. About ten years ago Prof. Benenson switched his appointment first informally and then later formally to Lyman Briggs College. In this new role, Prof. Benenson’s major unique contribution to the Lyman Briggs curriculum has been developing and updating the very inventive computer-based physics laboratory course. The lab emphasizes modern computer usage for data collection and analysis, along with scientific writing skills, as consistent with the Lyman Briggs stress on writing across all disciplines. When Dr. Benenson retired in 2008 as a Lyman Briggs University Distinguished Professor, he announced that he planned to continue to help Lyman Briggs however and whenever he could. He has carried through this promise faithfully and the college has benefitted enormously


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