Volcanoes, Geysers, and Extra Planetary Explosions!



This is an activity that aims to relate geysers and volcanoes to one another, and to the volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Io, the most volcanically active body in the solar system.  Through this activity, designed for a high school classroom, students will learn about geysers and volcanoes on Earth through the moon Io.  Students will become familiar with common measuring techniques of volcanic eruptions on Io and relate what they have learned back to Earth's geologic activity.  This activity is offered as a web based excursion or as a hard copy that can be used inside a classroom!

This activity is broken up into an introduction and four activities.  An image program, ImageJ, will be used so that students can take measurements of the spacecraft photos of Io.  This program is completely free, compatible, and legal to use in the classroom and anywhere else.  The activity will explain in a stepwise fashion how to use this software, and all images needed to perform this activity are provided.  The links to the ImageJ download site, the picture files, and the answer sheet crafted for this assignment are provided through links in the "Tools Needed" section.  (Jump to Tools Needed)

~Since this activity is new, feedback is important!  Please send your comments and feedback on the activity to dbeucher@inghamisd.org!  With your help, this activity can become easier to use and help foster better learning!~


Let's get started on the activity!  Here are the links to the activity sections.  The Activity Setup page will show you how the activity is setup, and how to navigate around throughout the sections!

Activity Setup


Activity 1 (Taking Measurements)

Activity 2 (Finding Relationships)

Activity 3 (Analyzing Relationships)

Activity 4 (Comparisons of Io to Earth)

Appendix / Help


Tools Needed:
In order to complete this activity, a free program named ImageJ will need to be used.  This program works on any platform and will allow measurements to be taken throughout the lesson.  The ImageJ link will take you to the download page for this free, fully compatible, and legal to use anywhere program.

Downloadable Files Needed: 
Note: (If you wish to download a zip folder that contains all of the following components, click here.)

Picture Files
Throughout the activity, multiple files will be used, and these need to be on the hard drive of the computer so that they can be analyzed with ImageJ.  All of the needed image files are in a zipped folder at the Picture Files link.  Take this folder, and unzip it onto the desktop for easy access.

Answer Sheet
This Microsoft Word .doc file contains the answer sheet students will use for answering the questions and listing measurements taken throughout this activity.  The Answer Sheet link will open up a word document that can be printed and used for the activity.

Instructor Sheet
If you are the instructor, this is a Microsoft Word file that contains the entire exercise with notes on values and some terms/concepts that might need to be addressed throughout the activity.  The Instructor Sheet link goes to a direct copy of the paper form of this activity with teacher notes, which are in purple.

Hard Copy
This is the Hard Copy of the activity, that can be printed out and distributed throughout a class.  If you use this, you will still need to download the Picture Files

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