lemonade stand as seen in game

by Wendi Bistak, Michigan


This webquest will test student ability to collect information on the Internet to run a simulated lemonade stand and report findings on how the business ran for a month using Microsoft Excel and Power Point.


You are in need of money! To make money you decide to start a business. You are a business entrepreneur representing the Lemonade Stand Market in your local town. You are tasked with running your business and staying afloat for a full 30 day period. You will have to face weather conditions as your business cannot take a day off. You will also have to consider Customer Satisfaction with the product quality and maintaining Popularity so that customers will come back. To run a lemonade stand, you will have to purchase cups, lemons, sugar and ice. Each item has different characteristics in that you will have to replenish your supply with caution. Finally, after 30 days, you will have collected enough data to create various charts and graphs so that you can report to your Board of Directors and prove that you can or cannot stay afloat. They will decide this as well as be critical of your Power Point presentation. You are now left with the task to enlighten and prove your business ability.








children's lemonade standTASK


To begin your business go to www.lemonadegame.com and play the lemonade game on the Internet for the full 30 days and record all data on the chart provided. The first day of the project can be used to get to understand the game and how it works. You can work with a class member and they can help you record all the data you need on the second day of the project and you can help them on the third . Use the Excel Data Table Worksheet. DATA TABLE

As a Lemonade Stand owner, you want to utilize the collected data to create graphs and charts in Microsoft Excel. Also, a basic income statement should be created on a separate spreadsheet.

Presentation: You want to show off your business in an INTERESTING Power Point presentation incorporating the graphs and charts along with pictures, sounds, and animation. This will then be presented to your Board of Directors as a report of the profit/losses for the month.










PROCESSglass of lemonade

STEP 1: Play the game

It is important for any business entrepreneur to understand what they are selling and what makes for a good sale. To get the idea of how to run a Lemonade Stand, go to www.lemonadegame.com and play the lemonade game on the Internet for the full 30 days and record all data on the chart provided. You can work with a class member and they can help you record all the data you need the first day and you can help them record the second day. Please complete the Steps 2 and 3 so that you can be a successful Lemonade Stand Business Entrepreneur! Use the Excel Data Table Worksheet.DATA TABLE FORM


STEP 2: Data and Spreadsheet Use

  1. Record Data on the DATA SHEET while playing the game for a 30 day period.

  2. Type the data into ONE Excel spread sheet :

      • Prices for Cups, Lemons, Sugar and Ice per day

      • Temperatures for each day

      • Weather conditions tallied for the entire 30 days

      • Tally the cup prices for the entire 30 days

      • Compare the average daily beginning amounts with the average daily ending amounts

  3. Create an EXTRA spreadsheet for Income Totals.  Use the SUM FUNCTION (or Sigma Button) to total the Advertising, Total Expense, Inventory Expense, and Profit.
        • Use the AVERAGE FUNCTION to calculate average COST PER CUP and PRICE PER CUP.

    a. Save it once like it is.
    b. Save it once with the formulas showing. To do this go to [Tools] then [Options] and check the box in front of [View Formulas] Print preview to make sure it is one page.

  4. Create an Income Statement in Microsoft Word that looks like the following:


Jason's Lemonade Stand
Income Statement
May 13, 2008

Total Income $265.98
Rent Expense $ 15.90 ($0.53 a day)
Advertising Expense $ 33.00 ($1.10 a day)
Total Expenses $ 163.73
Liquidated Inventory Value $3.32 

Net Profit $ 56.67

    5.   Charts to make: (Use at least 5 different types of charts)
    Do all of these:

      • Average cost per cup to average selling price per cup (Bar Chart)

      • Total Rainy days to Total Sunny days.
        (Pie chart)

      • Do at least two of these four

      • Daily Cup Purchases to Daily Cup Prices
        (Line chart)

      • Beginning Amounts to Ending Amounts
        (stacked bar or column chart)

      • Lemon Purchases to Sugar Purchases
        (Bar chart)

      • Daily Profit to Daily Advertising
        (stacked bar or column chart)


      • At least 1 of these as a Column Chart

          • Temperature

          • Profit each day


No two charts should look alike - some should have DATA LABELS and some should have the DATA TABLE included but not both on the same graph.

STEP 3: Presentation

    Create a PowerPoint presentation including:

      • You need a minimum of 8 slides.

      • Use one graph on each of 5 slides

      • Put the income statement on one slide, probably on one of the last

      • For these next three elements, be careful not to be distracting:

          • Use CUSTOM ANIMATION on all parts of the show.

          • Use SLIDE TRANSITIONS on all of the slides

          • Use a BACKGROUND DESIGN but change it on two slides to a texture or color or something with out the design showing

      • Type Presentation notes on the show and printed for use during your presentation

      • Print handouts with three slides per page for your board to take notes.

      • Put your slides in good order for the presentation so your information flows together and does not jump around

      • Practice the presentation.

      • Use action buttons so you can go back to a slide and hyperlink


      • No sentences on slides

      • Use of Action Buttons on slides (Go Back and Go Forward Buttons)





    lemonade stand game  Day 1



    1. Data kept when playing & all grids are filled in. (25 points)

    2. GRAPHS (100 points):


    Correct Data Displayed

    2 Points

    Format is Attractive

    4 Points

    Labeled Properly

    4 Points

    Labels are Readable

    4 Points

    ONE with Data Labels & Chart

    10 Points

    Graph 1






    Graph 2






    Graph 3





    Graph 4






    Graph 5






    3. Excel Spreadsheet (25 points):

    •  All required columns included 9

    •  Totals calculated of required categories 7

    •  Averages calculated for required categories 2

    •  Printed on one full sheet 2

    •  Printed with formulas 5


    4. Income Statement ( 15 points ) :

    •  Format is good 5

    •  Numbers are linked 4

    •  Total Expenses formula 1

    •  Net Profit formula 1

    •  Date in correct format 1

    •  Correct use of borders 3


    5. Power Point Presentation (160 points):

    •  8 slides minimum 24

    •  Graphs used on 5 slides 14

    •  Income statement on a slide 2

    •  Animation used on over half of all elements 10

    •  Slide transitions used on at least half of the slides 10

    •  Design used on some slides but changed to a plain background on at least 2 slides 4

    •  Presentation notes written for each slide 24

    •  Printed 3 slides per page for handouts 6

    •  Order of information given is good 10

    •  Hyperlink with action button from one slide to the hidden slide and then back to original slide 4

    •  Back action buttons on each slide but first slide and hidden slide 10

    •  Create a Custom Slide show (smaller version) of your presentation with just half your slides just show me when done 8

    •  Presentation given few pauses, and, ums, ahs, etc. (10 or less) 4

    SMART Board is used with little trouble   30





    child at a lemonade stand




    In completing this project, you should now be more aware of the balance needed to have a profitable business running a lemonade stand. Based on what you have learned as well as how you used the data, you should also be more skilled at creating charts and graphs to enhance information. You will also understand and experience how useful technology is with presentations and communicating information.



    • How else could technology be used to help a business prosper?

    • Does technology make things easier or more difficult?

    • What advantage(s) and / or disadvantage(s) does technology offer in creating a presentation?