The Passion that Drives our Team

The healthcare industry is burdened with problems of great cost, both in financial and human terms. Pressing issues include: medication error, patient noncompliance, rising nosocomial (hospital acquired) infection rates, and the need for improved security and efficiency of the supply chain for medical products. Using packaging as a means to address issues facing the healthcare industry is certainly not a typical approach, but it can. Few have focused on packaging as a primary solution to the problems facing healthcare; to my knowledge, MSU is the only University to have faculty dedicated to issues in medical packaging. It is for this reason that it is a rich area for investigation. As such, our team has a research program centering on two foci: (1) Quantification of the interface between people and packaging as a means to enhance patient compliance and reduce medical errors, and (2) The investigation of microbial penetration into healthcare packages. The following pages will introduce you to the people that are carrying out the work that we are doing in both of these areas; Welcome to our website.
Laura Bix, PhD


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