Jiyon Lee

Jiyon Lee


  • Doctorate in Packaging. Fall 2015- Present. Michigan State University School of Packaging; USA. TBD
  • Master's of Science in Packaging. 2010-2013. Michigan State University School of Packaging; USA. "Investigating the efficacy of an interactive warning for use in prescription labeling strategies."
  • Bachelor's of Science in Packaing. 2011. Yonsei University. South Korea.

Research Interests

  • Medical device packaging
  • Eye tracking (Notice-ability)
  • Affordances and packaging design features
  • Consumer behavior and packaging

Professional Experience

  • Packaging Engineer, July 2014-July 2015. CJ CheilJedang, South Korea.
  • Packaging Consultant Intern,Winter, 2009. Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. South Korea.
  • Packaging Consultant Intern, Winter, 2008. Institute of Korea Packaging Systems. South Korea.
  • Packaging Intern, Summer, 2008. Aekyung Industry. South Korea.

E-mail: leejiyo4@msu.edu