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    Tony Trier will lead a group of student researchers to collect data at the 44th Annual Meeting of the Association of Surgical Technologist Conference in New Orleans, LA.

  • ABSTRACT This investigation will provide a critical, missing link regarding the role of failed aseptic presentation in the contamination of chevron pouches by illuminating contamination source (i.e. the hand, the outside of the package or both). This information has the potential to ultimately enable the development of designs that facilitate sterile transfer of a device to the sterile field, thereby reducing the number of HAIs, a problem of noted significance. This directly answers the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) call to eliminate preventable HAIs "by improving the science for [HAI] prevention through research" by identifying and addressing gaps in knowledge in innovative ways.
  • The HUB team, in conjunction with researchers from Cognitiion and Cognitive Neuroscience, Food Science and Human Nutrition and Kansas State University, receive the Department's first-ever NIH R-21 Grant to investigate the impact of Front of Pack Labeling on attention, encodation and comprehension.

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