Past Graduates

Tony Trier PhD Aseptic technique and packaging: A study of potential contamination pathways during the usage of sterile packaging in an operating room context
Do Chan Seo PhD Assessing the effect of varied design elements on information processing in medical device labels
Raghav Prashant Sundar PhD Investigating the effect of color and icon on information processing behaviors related to front-of-pack nutrtion labels
Javier de la Fuente PhD Usability of tabs in sem-rigid packaging
Ondrea Kassarjian PhD Effects of hole size, pressure differential, and secondary packaging on microbial ingress of sterile medical device trays
Jane Severin PhD The Effect of Pressure Differential on Microbial Penetration of a Sterile Medical Device Tray.
Rita Chen MS Visual distraction as a means of enhancing child resistance
Cory Wilson MS An evaluation of attentional scanpaths across drug labels using change detection and eye tracking
Monica Cai MS Perceptions of operating room personnel about medical device packaging
Tony Trier MS An investigation of the effect of pouch size and hand repositioning on contamination rates of medical devices
Stephanie Gutsafson MS (Plan B) Exploration of affordances related to package design
Dana Harrison MS (Plan B) Sight, Sound and Child Resistance
Sichang Liu MS (Plan B) Change Detection for the Evaluation of Tall Man Lettering
Priyanka Rangnekar MS (Plan B) FDA Regulations Regarding Counterfeiting of Drugs and Medical Devices
Abhishek Gawasane MS (Plan B) Consumer Attention to an OTC Warning in Four Different Styles of Design
Wontae Seo MS The Effect of Color in Produce Packaging on Consumers' Attentive Behaviors and Perceived Freshness
Chang-hoon Oh MS Measuring the Relative Prominence of Graphic Symbols Vs. Text for Nutrition Labels Using Eye Tracking
Julia Breisinger MS Identification and Preliminary Evaluation of the Most Viable Short and Long Term Solutions Regarding Tamper-Evidence for an Aseptic Puree Packaged in Plastic
Carly DeHenau MS Applying Change Detection to Test the Noticeability of Components of Medical Labels
Raghav Prashant Sundar MS The Effect of Color Contrast on the Legibility and Noticeability of Prescription Drug Labels
Javier de la Fuente MS The Use of a Universal Design Methodology for Developing Child-Resistant Drug Packaging
Joe Fair MS Biomechanical Analysis of Opening for Glass Jars
Andrea Gou-Guerrero MS (Plan B) Understanding the Physical Interface between Children and Packaging
Micheal Hoffa MS (Plan B) An Overview of the Labeling Requirements for Prescription Drugs
Ethan Jacoby MS (Plan B) Minimizing Prescription Drug Medication Errors by Utilizing a Risk-Based Approach to Label and Package Design
Ondrea Kassarjian MS (Plan B) Comparison of Scanning Electron and Confocal Microscopy to Measure 50 Micron Excimer Laser Drilled Holes in PETG Medical Packaging Trays
David Johnston MS (Plan B) Cold Chain Qualification for a Temperature Sensitive Drug Product
Eric Kou MS Child Resistant Drug Packaging and Arthritis: Can older consumers with arthritis access their medications
Nalinee Nammechai MS Investigating an Alternative Material for Blood Bags: Biodegradeable Blends
Joshua Vincent MS (Plan B) A new Type IIG Drug Package: Achieving Child Resistance and Senior Friendliness Using Springs and Magnets
Voramanus Viraporn MS (Plan B) The Effect of Color Combination of Text and Background on Noticeability and Legibility of Prescription Drug Warning Labels
Audrey Whaling MS The Effect of Packaging Attributes on Consumer Perception of Cherry Juice
Richard Younger MS (Plan B) Installation Qualification of a Dual Shuttle Heat Sealer