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Jennifer Brummet

Jennifer Brummmet

I am a fourth year graduate student at Michigan State University in the Psychology Behavioral Neuroscience program. I received my BA in Psychology from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL, in May 2008.

My main area of research is examining the role of the androgen receptor in brain sexual dimoprhisms in mice using an induced testicular feminization mutation (iTfm). I am measuring volume, neuron number, and soma size in several sexually dimorphic regions of the brain in castrated males and iTfm males with or without T replacement. I am also examining caspase-3 (a marker of apoptosis) and KI-67 (a marker of cell division) in different brain regions in males and iTFms after castration with or without T implantation to examine how cell death or division may contribute to previously observed dimorphisms. I am also looking at juvenile cage/play behavior and adult aggression behavior in these animals. Together, my research presents a picture of the role of the androgen receptor and circulating androgens in differences in brain and behavior.

I am also actively involved in teaching, having been a teaching assistant for Child Development for one semester and for Human Sexuality for 3 semesters. I am also currently enrolled in the MSU Teaching Certification program where I am completing a course on teaching and completing workshops on special topics related to college education. I will teach Brain and Behavior during Summer 2012. I also participate in Brain Awareness Week and the MSU Neuroscience Fair.