The Bovalve Project

In the Fall of 2006, I took an amazing class instructed by Dan Marsh: TC848: Designing Experience: experimental interface design. For this class, I proposed the creation of a new kind of electonic music controller.

Thus, the Bovalve Project. This page is an attempt at some documentation.

the original project proposal

performance with a
prototype at an MSU Premieres
of New Music Concert
picture video on YouTube

Construction Pics of Bovalve V.1 and V.2

old idea for
two handles
the first case
with nothing in it
the mounting for
the left handle
inside of
left handle
the left handle
all put together
attaching the
left handle
left hand
in action!
old mounting idea
for bowhand wheels
the handpiece
for the bowhand
the old, heavy,
clunky wheels
the new, nice,
cool wheels
right hand
Make Controller Kit
for sensing knobs
Ultimarc iPac
for sensing buttons
drilling! boards connected
to 25 pin cable