Click on the title or blurb for more information, and the files on the right are the corresponding scores or mp3 files where available.

a->b=c 2009 - This one was for my friends Shawn and Jamie, and it explores the interaction between synchopation and pulse and performers and computers a->b=c
no score up yet
impending green 2008 - I wrote this for my friend Shawn, and it is a piece for pure data and alto saxophone or viola impending green - sax 7.4mb
impending green - viola 7.mb
out/insound 2006 - an electro acoustic piece about my compositional process, sort of out-insound.mp3 4,659kb
dawn1 2006 - an electro acoustic piece using a single sample dawn1.mp3 4,895kb
wigout3 2005 - a series of sounds using wigout wigout3.mp3 1,625kb
focus 2005 - string quartet with manipulated ending focus2.mp3 9,131kb
score 96kb
the fox - v3 2004, 2005 - this used to be a piano and single voice song, but I redid it a bit nate121d.mp3 3,599kb
nate121.mid 7kb
nate132 2005 - a guitar with effects nate132.mp3 4,595kb
Henry David Thoreau 2005 - I made this out of a poem by Connie Huh henry.mp3 3,971kb
henry.mid 7kb
out the window 2004 - the last in a series of "pop songs" nate114b.mp3 5,349kb
score 96kb
song2 2004 - a creative writing project we also play with of the sea song2b.mp3 5,527kb
on my way 2004 - a creative writing project about driving nate95b.mp3 5,229kb
details 96kb
nate108 2004 - piece for solo electric viola, electric organ and orchestra no mp3
score 135kb
nate63 2002 - second string orchestra piece no mp3
score 297kb
Mr. Rubato 2001 - my first string quartet turned string orchestra piece no mp3
nate43.mid 12kb

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