focus - string quartet no.2

In the spring of 2005, I wrote this quartet for me and my friends Laura Roche, Madeline Capistran and Jim Sorenson to play in the premieres concert two weeks later. It was a bit rushed, and nobody's played it since, but it was a fun piece referred to as "post-rock."

Anyhow, the two main melodic "themes" started as vocal lines I came up with in the shower. The piece is about two characters; the first is convinced they're "dead" and that their life is over and expressing their regrets, saying, "but in real life, I never had a focus..." while the second is trying to explain that they're fine, saying "stop and I'll try to drive you home."

The version (focus2) in this mp3 has a computer-manipulated ending, which is pretty much the same as the original with a small change in tone. I plan to go with the original idea and make this into a song to play with my band sometime, but that's for later.


finale score