Spartan Dischords Website

In late 2016, during my first semester of college I auditioned for Michigan State's premier all-male acapella group: The Spartan Dischords. Since then I have been an active member of the group, helping lead the tenor 2 section and helming vocal percussion duties. Aside from enjoying my after-school activity that introduced me to so many of my dearest lifelong friends, I was elected Business Manager at the end of my sophomore year.

As Business Manager, I managed the treasury for Dischords, scheduled roughly fifteen gigs a semester, planned three sold-out concerts a year, and booked road trips for the group all across the midwest. Some of the shows that I coordinated for Dischords include "Dischords on Ice!", "Heart Throbz", and "Frosted Tips: an Ode to the 90's". I established a rapport for the group performing at such events as Lansing's annual How-To Halloween convention, the Michigan Apple Butter Festival, TEDxMSU and SpartyWatch.

Using my unique background as a backbone for what I could provide for the group, I designed our website, logo, and t-shirts. I also did all of the design work for our show programs, social media advertisements and posters. The website can be found at

Beyond my duties as business manager I also became very enthralled in the acapella music process. I found a passion for arranging music and arranged at least two songs per semester since 2017. A sample of my arrangement of Your Song opb. Elton John can be downloaded here.