Service-Learning Writing Project Update

Date: 04/24/09


Contact Person: Dave Smith

phone: (517) 337-9459
fax: (517) 337-3943

Student Writer: Samantha Bowles

phone: (810) 360-9338
fax: N/A

Brief outline of your Project:

1. Describe in detail your progress to date:

What have you completed? I went to the book recycling event and we made a facebook group page. We also discussd what to do for our video.

What is in progress? We are in progress of making a video as well as a brochure. We have the idea for both and just have to make it. The video will be shot on Sunday, April 26th and we will have everything for Dave Smith by Wednesday, April 29th.

What remains to be assigned or completed? We still have to complete the brochure and the video.

2. Have any problems surfaced? Describe: The only problem that is surfacing now is communication. We need to be on the same page as to when and where on Sunday we will be shooting the video.

3. Your plan for dealing with problems or obstacles:

4. What else do you need to do to meet your deadlines? We need to get together and film this video.

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