Dreams, Interpretations, and Drawing Conclusions

Analyzing dream content for meaning isn't an exact science. In fact, it may be more of an art than anything else, requiring the analyzer to draw from experience and knowledge gained from years of studying dreams, common dream themes, and frequent dream symbols.

Many find this topic interesting and may consider it a hobby, gathering information slowly over a lifetime. Others may simply want quick answers to the meanings of dreams, perhaps a particular dream they've just had or a recurring dream, and for this they seek out somebody who can interpret their dreams for them. There are also tools that exist for this purpose (like this dream interpreter).

Either way, an analysis of a dream should be taken with a grain of salt.

Meanings of dreams interpretations and analysis

The Accuracy of a Dream Interpretation

As you'll likely find as you delve deeper into the meanings of dreams, the interpretations of dreams are extremely subjective and can be very different depending on the experience and understanding of the person interpreting the dream.

This fact doesn't undermine dream interpretation — rather, it should serve as a reminder that an analysis of your dream is simply one person's derived meaning. Just as viewers of art may derive different meaning from the same work of art, so too can people derive wide-ranging meaning from the same dream.

Note on Lucid Dreaming: Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is aware that he/she is dreaming. When this occurs, the dreamer is then able to control the dream and do whatever he or she wants to do. If you have never had a lucid dream, or want to be able to lucid dream more frequently, this lucid dreaming book is a fantastic resource.

The truth is that you are your own best dream analyzer. If you want to devote the time that is required to journey into the world of interpreting dreams, where should you begin?

Learn About Common Dream Themes

Most of the time, the dreams you have, have been had before by others. Out of this commonality, certain dream themes come into focus. They exist largely because of their universality, and their ability to transcend cultural boundaries and tread into the dreams of all kinds of people.

Some of these common dream themes involve:

The above list themes and dream occurrences is not exhaustive, as there are dozens (perhaps hundreds) of common dream themes. We won't go into detail as to what these particular themes mean, and instead will rely on you to learn them for yourself.

Learn to Recognize Common Dream Objects and Symbols

Dream objects are different from dream themes in that several dream objects can exist within the same theme. The objects may or may not have broader significance depending on the overall context of the dream.

Some common dream objects include:

As with the themes list, this list is nowhere near exhaustive, as a list of all the dream objects in existence would be endless. The above list, however, is provided for example purposes.

Learn to Recognize a Dream's Significance to Real Life

Many dreams serve as metaphors for real-life situations. Learning to recognize how a dream relates to your waking hours is perhaps the most important skill for somebody trying to analyze dreams.

The relatedness may be blatantly obvious, or it may be very subtle, requiring a careful analysis of dream elements as well as an in-depth look into current real-life happenings.

The bottom line is that the meanings of dreams depend largely on a dream's particular themes and objects, and perhaps most importantly, the person doing the interpreting.

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