Research Projects


1. In press is an article that examines the factors that contributed to efficient changeover from analog to digital television, with Steve Wildman, W. Ma and Limor Peer. Given a 2012 publication year, that makes 50 years of publication, since my first article.

2. Typically, I'm reviewing 2-4 journal article submissions each month from a variety of academic journals

3. I still have in my files 3-5 manuscripts in varying stages of incompleteness. Idleness impacts on my speed of preparation these days.

4. This semester, I joined MSU's Read to Succeed program and am tutoring a fourth grader in reading, writing and comprehension, on two afternoons a week.

5. For news about all the exciting research in the revitalized CCAS, read the Dean's blog in the weekly online news page for the college.


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