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1. I retired from Michigan State University in July, 2004, moved from the fourth floor to the fifth floor, where you can find me in room 569 a couple of days each week still trying to complete research projects from my un-retired days, as well as talking about new ones with colleagues.

2. When Dean Chuck Salmon decided to leave MSU, the provost asked me to handle the deanery until a new dean could be in place. With joy, Pam Whitten took the post after one semester and I returned to the fifth floor with gratitude. To find out what's happening in the College, read Pam's blog.

3. Each summer, for 15 summers, I led a class of MSU students for a program in England, Scotland and Wales. I did so for the last time in 2011, sharing the program with Sue Carter. Our key associate in London for the course has been Dr. Mallory Wober.

4. Dee and I have taken to spending some time in Florida during the winter. In 2012, we shall go to Marco Island for 4 weeks in March/April.

5. Our family is blessed with 8 grandchildren, all visible on the PICTURES section of this website. Our daughter Beth has given us Chip (17), DeeDee (15) and Abby (12); Shawn has given us David, Scott and Zachary (all 12); Deb's children are Jack 11) and Tommy (now 9). Chip is now deciding among universities, and will be off to somewhere next fall. His father continues as a Circuit Court Judge in Wayne County. Jack and Tommy's Dad has just been promoted to President of Brose of North America, by the parent company.

6. I review 2-3 journal articles each month, so beware.

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