Yesterday, Apple introduced the G3 iPhone at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. The new phone is lighter, faster, and cheaper. Much cheaper. It is now only $199 for the 8GB model, a couple hundred less then its predecessor. Unfortunately, the phone still requires you to be an AT&T subscriber, leaving us who work at MSU out of the loop...there is still not adequate coverage on campus to make an iPhone worthwhile.

That being said, there are still a variety of features that would make my life significantly easier. The addition of MobileMe, a replacement of .mac, Apple’s online file/mail/picture/webpage storage center, will allow for direct syncing with your mac, iPhone, and Windows machine. For those of us who need to use Windows at work, this is a very useful tool. Also, it means that your contacts will be automatically stored online the minute you put them into your phone, and then also stored on your computers. No real thought needed there.

Additionally, one of my favorite programs, called OmniFocus, just announced that they have developed a iPhone application. OmniFocus is a project organizing, to do list application that follows the GTD (Getting Things Done) Model of productivity management. The software has helped me greatly in getting my projects in order and keeping me on task (that’s not to say I’m great at it, but I’m getting better, and this program has helped). Now, the software will be available on the iPhone, which would allow my projects to be with me and viewable at all times. This negates the need for syncing to dos with iCal, which has been a pain. It even takes advantage of the G3 GPS capabilities, allowing you to look for a nearby grocery store to do the grocery shopping that is next on your to do list. See the description at the OmniFocus blog or at 43 Folders, a blog devoted to GTD.

So, fingers crossed that AT&T comes through soon. I am getting a gadget itch...

UPDATE: OmniFocus for the iPhone just won an Apple Design Award. I continue to salivate.