Some links...

Here are some links to some stories I’ve read in the past week:

Apparently, someone actually decided to write a story about
Rape in Darfur. Femicide is alive and well all over the world. It’s nice to see actually making this article a headline (for a couple hours, anyway). Wouldn’t it be even better if a presidential candidate “took a position” on rape and sexual assault in the world? Talk about a great way to shore up the female vote...

Okay, now this one is messed up.
17 girls, all under the age of 16, ended up pregnant in Massachusettes because they made a pregnancy pact. What? Good lord...I saw this on the news this morning. Still can’t quite believe it. Sounds like this school has some issues to deal with in this regard.

If anyone is curious about
why I work in slave archaeology, here is an article that might help you get an idea. The final bit, where a Philadelphia woman makes a connection to a part of her city’s history that she didn’t know, and it caused her to “take a class”...that’s important. Go Archaeology!

Clearly, Mike Bauman has been
reading my blog, since his article this morning says the same thing: Cubs can make it without Soriano, but not Zambrano. As if to respond with an affirmative, the Cubs got swept for the first time this season, losing their third straight to the Rays. At least the Rays are a team worth losing to this year.

Get Fuzzy makes a fantastically subtle comment about immigration, ethnicity, and possibly even, agism. As a bonus, you get a pun and talking domestic pets:

Edwards is apparently on Obama’s short list. No complaints here.

Interesting discussion of Apple’s new MobileMe, and the transition from .mac, brought to you by Lonely Sandwich. Worth reading if only for the phrase “gramatically-questionable productivity tool Minesweeper”. Trust me, makes sense when you read it.