terry peterkin brock
326 North Fairview
Lansing, Michigan 48912
(C): 517.896.7766
(W): 517.432.3890
PhD, Anthropology
BA, History
BA, Classical Studies
2012 (expected)
Michigan State University
Michigan State University
Kalamazoo College
I am a historical archaeologist, who focuses primarily on research that involves relationships of power. I have a particular interest in the evolution of racism in the United States. I also am particularly interested in the way in which gender and class can be examined through the material record. Additionally, I also study the archaeology of education, particularly looking at the way in which the physical landscape can alter the style and quality of education. Lastly, I am becoming increasingly interested in ways to involve the community in my research through technology and social networking.
Doctoral Research
This research focused on the lives of African Americans who lived on a 19th century plantation in St. Mary's City, Maryland. Particular attention has been paid to the transition from slavery to tenancy. Publications and presentations regarding this research is listed below.
Publications and Talks
Enslaved Landscapes: Research Questions at St. Mary's Manor, Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology Annual Conference, Presentation, St. Mary's City, Maryland.
"Layers of History", A Briefe Relation, newsletter, Historic St. Mary's City, St. Mary's City, Maryland.
Grants and Fellowships
IMPART Fellowship
State of Maryland, with Historic St. Mary's City
Summer Graduate Fellowship
Graduate School, Michigan State University
Graduate Office Fellowship
Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University
Pre-Dissertation Research Grant
Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University
Campus Archaeology Program
The Campus Archaeology Program has been developed to allow MSU to act as a good steward for the University's material culture. As Campus Archaeologist, I have been instrumental in the implementation and design of day-to-day operations, in addition to taking on research regarding the early development of MSU as a small liberal arts college. The research listed below are those which I have has acted as the Principal Investigator. I have held this position since the Spring of 2008. For more information, visit: http://campusarch.msu.edu
Faculty Row
This project examined some of the earliest buildings on MSU's campus, which housed the first faculty at Michigan Agricultural Project. I was the Principal Investigator on this project. Publications and presentations regarding Faculty Row are listed below. See an online exhibit here.
Publications and talks
The Campus Archaeology Program: How It Came to Be and Where It's Going, with Lynne Goldstein, Department of Anthropology Brown Bag, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.
Campus Archaeology and the Faculty Row Excavations at Michigan State University, Michigan Archaeological Society, East Lansing, Michigan.
Campus Archaeology and Faculty Row, Michigan Archaeology Day, Michigan Historical Museum, Lansing, Michigan.
Outreach and Community Engagement
Grandparents' University is a weekend for MSU alumni and their grandchildren. CAP did a two-day workshop including a campus tour of historic places, and learning about archaeology.
Grants and Fellowships
Graduate Office Fellowship
Graduate School, Michigan State University
student affairs
The following is my experience with Student Affairs. I have been tangentially involved since I was an undergraduate at Kalamazoo College, and have become professionally involved during graduate school, particularly with Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention. I also have been involved in athletics and coaching, and I have included those here, as well.
Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention
My focus in Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention has always been on the inclusion of Men in the solution, not as the problem. I have had a variety of experiences in this field.
Graduate Assistant Professional, Department of Student Life
Since 2008, I have worked to develop and coordinate MSU's first Prevention Program, the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Program, through the Department of Student Life. My primary responsibility has been recruiting college men and women to lead mandatory first year workshops. During this time, I have developed an internship program, maintained a blog for the Peer Educators, led sessions for Peer Educator training, and acted in advisory positions for University policy regarding sexual assault. I have also been involved in the creation and revising of the workshop and training itself.
Intern, YWCA Domestic Assault Shelter
In 2003 I interned with the Children's Coordinator at the YWCA Domestic Assault Shelter in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I spent time working with the children of abused and abusive parents, including one-on-one and group counseling. I also participated in mother's counseling.
President, Men Against Gender Violence
From 2002-2004 I was president of this student organization which focused on involving men in the fight against gender violence.
Assistant Coach
From 2005-2007 I acted as an assistant coach for East Lansing High School's Junior Varsity baseball team.
Kalamazoo College Baseball
I lettered in Baseball for four years at Kalamazoo College. As the starting first baseman for three years, I received conference recognition my senior year, making the MIAA 2nd Team All-Conference (2004). I also was recognized as a member of the MIAA Academic Honor Roll twice (2001-2002; 2002-2003). I was also honored by my team as Team Captain (2004), Team MVP (2004), and as Most Improved Player (2002, 2003).
African American Archaeology
This course is currently in development. However, it will focus on the way in which historical archaeology has been utilized to better understand the history of African Americans. It will cover the period of colonial and post-colonial slavery, the plight of free African Americans, emancipation and freedom, and the way in which the information garnered by archaeologists has led to a more interactive form of presentation, outreach, and community engagement.
professional org. and service
Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology
The Society for Historical Archaeology
Michigan Archaeological Society

American Historical Association
2008 - present
2006 - present
2006 - present