I am a graduate student at Michigan State University, working on a PhD in Anthropology. Specifically, I am a historical archaeologist. My research focuses on a 19th century slave plantation in Southern Maryland. I also work as the Campus Archaeologist at MSU, where I research, conduct and lead excavations of areas on campus before they are destroyed due to campus expansion. My main focus of research is to engage the community in the production of their own cultural heritage, and to break down the barriers between the writer and actor of history. I have attempted to engage social media to achieve this greater level of transparency.

I also work at the Department of Student Life, helping to coordinate the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Program. My particular interest is in getting men involved in efforts to prevent gendered violence.

I have been working to try to develop a web presence that will both highlight and facilitate my abilities to be a better researcher, advisor, student, and teacher. There are a series of different links to different sites that I a manage or take part in, from blogs to social networking. I make an effort to approach these media with the intent of trying to figure out how they will help improve my professional life. Please feel free to peruse, and to contact me with any questions.