peer-reviewed publications

Journal of Mammalogy
Califf, K.J., E.K. Ratzloff, A.P. Wagner, K.E. Holekamp & B.L. Williams. 2013. Forces shaping Major histocompatibility complex evolution in two hyena species. Journal of Mammalogy. 94(2): 282-294.

Diseases of Aquatic Organisms
Jensen, P.C., K. Califf, V. Lowe, L. Hauser and J. F. Morado. 2010. Molecular detection of Hematodinium sp. in Northeast Pacific Chionocetes spp. and evidence of two species in the Northern Hemisphere. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. 89(2): 155-166.

general interest media

2012. Guest blogger for BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action
         “Researchers at Work” blog.

2011. Berkeley Science Review: pictures of spotted hyena captive colony featured

2009. MSU Alumni magazine: Work with Kila Nafasi documented in “Help for Kenya Kids.”

2008. MSU The Graduate Post: Interview regarding receipt of NSF Predoctoral Fellowship.