GLG-807 Seminar in Structural Geology and Tectonics

Bill Cambray and Tom Vogel

In 1790 James Hutton read a paper before the Royal Society of Edinburgh entitled,

'Observations on Granite'

The penultimate paragraph reads

'We are now fully affured that granite has been made to break, difplace and invade the Alpine fshiftus or primary ftrata having been previously forced to flow in the bowels of the earth, and reduced into a flate of fufion. '

Geologists have been arguing about the nature of the emplacement of igneous rocks ever since.

This seminar will cover recent literature that tries to explain:

1)  The way in which plutons have arrived at their present position in the crust and in some cases reach the surface.

2) The way in which the emplacement mechanism is, or is not,  related to the observed chemical variation.  

    In particular we will look at the literature describing the Tertiary intrusions  and extrusions in and around the Great Basin.