Schedule for Fall 2001


Instructor: F. William Cambray


Lab. 106 Nat. Sci. Phone : 5-9568

Lecture: 8:30-9-50 am Tu. & Th. 205 Nat.Sci.

Office Hours: Tu.  11:00-12:00  106 N. S.
                       Wed. 11:00-12:00 106 N.S.
                       and by appointment

Labs: Wed. 12:40 - 2:30    Room 316 Nat. Sci.

Teaching assistant: Kirsten Wright
117, Nat. Sci. 
Ph. 355-8307 E-mail

Office Hours: Mon. 2:30-4:30
                          Thu.   10:00 am - 12:00 

TEXT: Structural Geology of Rocks and Regions, 2nd ed. Davis and Reynolds TR00262A.gif (1715 bytes)


Week 1 Aug. 27 Introduction, measuring lines and planes (page 662) and
               plotting data,  stereonets. (page 691)

Week 2 Sept. 3 Monday, Labor Day  Orthographic projections (page 684)

Week 3 Sept. 10  Introduction to geologic maps (page 626). 
               Force, Stress and Strain

Week 4 Sept. 17 Force, Stress and Strain (Chapters 1 and 2)

Week 5 Sept. 24 Force, Stress and Strain
         Thurs, Sept. 27th leave for field trip to Baraboo Wisconsin after class.  
         Return, evening of  Sunday, Sept. 30th
         Staying at Dream Lodge Motel  Ph. 1-608-356-5474       

Week 6 Oct. 1 Experimental Relations Between Stress and Strain

Week 7 Oct. 8 FIRST EXAM Ch. 1-4    Tuesday Oct. 9.

                          Thurs: Joints and Shear Fractures (Chapter 5)

Week 8 Oct.15 Faults (Chapter 6)

Week 9 Oct. 22 Faults


Week 10 Oct. 29 Faults

                           Thu. Second Exam, chapters 5 and 6 

Week 11 Nov. 5 Folds (Chapter 7)

Week 12 Nov. 12 Folds

Week 13 Nov. 19 Folds

No class Thursday: Thanksgiving DINNER1.WMF (19118 bytes)

Week 14 Dec. 26 Shear Zones and Progressive Deformation (Chapter 9)

Week 15 Dec.3 Tectonics

FINAL EXAM: Thursday December 13th  7:45 AM - 9:45 AM

7:45 - 9:45 am 205 Nat. Sci.


Test 1 = 15%

Test 2 = 15%

Final = 30%

Lab. Exercises = 10%

Lab. Exams = 30% (10% each)


Lab. Instructor: Kirsten Wright

Room   Nat. Sci.  114   Phone 2-3581


Lab. Wed. 3:00-4:50 & Thu. 12:40-2:30  Room 316 Nat. Sci

Office Hours: Mon. 2:30-4:30
                          Thu.  10:00 am - 12:00 


1)     Measuring lines and planes

2)     Plotting data using stereonets

3)     Orthographic projections

4)     Geologic Maps: bedding and topography

5)     FIRST LAB. EXAM, During regular lab. period Wed. Sept. 26  
Field trip, leaves Thursday after class 
6)    Plotting and Interpreting Field trip data

7)    Geologic Maps: Unconformities

8)    Geologic Maps: Faults

9)    Geologic Maps: folds

10)   SECOND LAB. EXAM. During regular lab. period

11)    Geologic history from maps

12)    Geologic history from maps

13)    Geologic history from maps

14)    Geologic history from maps

15)    LAB. FINAL During regular lab. period Wed. Dec. 8


Completed homework assignments are due on the day of the next lab., 10% will be deducted for each day late up to a maximum of 50%. After five days no credit will be given for the this homework. Genuine problems, as opposed to normal procrastination may occur. Please bring them to the attention of the teaching assistant BEFORE the deadline.

Treat exercises as professional assignments, before you hand them in ask yourself if you would present them in this form to the manager of a company that you worked for, or would you accept it from a subordinate if you were the manager?

Yes, neatness counts!

Make sure your work is easy to read and understand. Show all construction lines in pencil, ink in the important lines.

Label answers clearly




Please bring the following to class each week

You are encouraged to work in pairs so it is possible

to share materials and equipment with a partner

#3 pencils

Set of colored pencils


Drafting tape

Drafting pens, Disposables are acceptable, SBS has a set of 4 Staedtler pigment lines for less than $10. Make sure they are black and permanent.

Scale rule marked in tenths of an inch. Look carefully before buying (or borrowing)

Parallel rule, one that operates on rollers, is useful. They are available at the bookstores but a cheaper and perfectly adequate one is available at Meijer

A set of triangles, 45, 45, 90 degrees and 30,60 90 degrees.

Protractor, 4-5" base will be adequate.

Drawing compass and dividers

Drawing paper , 81/2 by 11 inches, make sure it is suitable for ink

Graph paper (1/10 inch divisions)

Tracing paper  (for use with stereonets)

Stereonet (provided)

Magnetic Compass with a clinometer. There are several models available. The Brunton is the most common professional model in N. America but it is very expensive. The Silva sold in the bookstore is perfectly adequate for this course and for field camp. Make sure that it is marked in azimuth form (360 degrees) not quadrants and that it has a clinometer.