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Lansing School Board Members

Jack Davis, President

Mr. Davis was elected to the Board in November 1999. An attorney, he has been an active participant and supporter of district activities including the district’s Ad Hoc Committee on Student Achievement, and served as a member of the Mayor’s Blue-Ribbon Panel. He is chair of the Retain GM Committee for the city of Lansing and currently co-chairs the district’s Middle School Task Force. Mr. Davis is married with two children.


Patrick Murray, Vice President


Mr. Murray was re-elected in November 1999 to a four-year term. He is completing his 7 th year as a member of the Board. Mr. Murray is a high school special education teacher and track coach in a neighboring district. He has served as President and Vice President of the Board. Currently he chairs the Policy and Attorney Selection Committees. He also served as a member of the Mayor’s Blue-Ribbon Panel and assumed a leadership role in replacing neighborhood playgrounds through Project Play, a joint effort of the City of Lansing, the school district, and parent and community organizations. Mr. Murray is married with 2 children attending Dwight Rich Middle School and J.W. Sexton High School.



Jacqueline Warr, Secretary

Mrs. Warr was elected to the Board in November 1999. She is retired, having spent her career as a former teacher, literacy training supervisor, as well as Model Cities and Human Services Director. Among her varied interests is strengthening career and technical education offerings for Lansing students. She is married with 4 children who have graduated, 9 grandchildren who attend the Lansing School District, and also 1 great grandchild.


Gary Ferris, Treasurer

Mr. Ferris is completing his fifth year of service on the Board. He is employed by IKON Office Solutions. Mr. Ferris has served as Vice President and Secretary of the Board and currently chairs the Auditor Selection Committee. He has also served as a member of Finance, Policy, and School Improvement Committees. Mr. Ferris is married with two graduates of the system and a daughter who currently attends JW Sexton High School.


Denise Chrysler

Ms. Chrysler is completing her third year of service on the Board. She is an Assistant Attorney General with the State of Michigan. She has served as Board Treasurer for two years and is an active member of the Westside Neighborhood Association, and volunteers as a reading tutor at Riddle School. Ms. Chrysler also serves on the Mayor’s Ready to Succeed Blue-Ribbon Committee and the Youth Violence Prevention Coalition. She is the Board’s liaison to the Chicano Advisory Committee. Ms. Chrysler is married.


Kevin Collins, Ph.D.

Dr. Collins was elected to the Board in November. He is a small business owner in the city. Dr. Collins was educated in the Lansing School District and obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin. He serves on the Board School Improvement and Policy Committees and is Chair of the Middle School Task Force Subcommittee on Discipline & Student Behavior. Dr. Collins is married with two children attending North Elementary and Gardner Middle School.


Kathleen Langschwager

Mrs. Langschwager is completing her fifth year as a member of the Board. She is employed as a bank support specialist for Michigan National Bank Corporation. Mrs. Langschwager has served as Board Secretary and as a member of the Finance and Personnel Committees. Currently she is the Board Representative to the Public Relations Advisory Council and the Ebersole Environmental Center. She served on the Mayor’s Focus Committee on Education and the Mayor’s Community Police Relations Board. Mrs. Langschwager is married with five children who graduated from Eastern High School.


Robin Lewis

Robin Lewis is an active parent in the Lansing School District. She has served as an officer in the PTA and been involved in school improvement teams. She also served on the Middle School Task Force this past spring. She has three children in Lansing schools. Rita attends Everett High School, Rachel is a student at Gardner Middle School, and Ryan is enrolled at Cavanaugh Elementary School.


Guillermo Lopez

He is an equal opportunity specialist with the City of Lansing's Human Relations Department. Mr. Lopez has served on the Safe Schools Task Force and the Ad Hoc Committee for Student Achievement. He serves as staff liaison to the Cesar E. Chavez commission for the City of Lansing. He has served on the Instructional Council and several other school district committees. He has two daughters, one attending Everett High School, and the other is an alumni of Everett.

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