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Michael W. Casby, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Professor

The Language Development & Disorders Laboratory (LDL) is concerned with research regarding normal and disordered aspects of language development in children. Research projects of the LDL have concerned developmental/descriptive studies, group experiments, single-subject experiments, narrative literature reviews, quantitative meta-analysis, lab/instrumentation-based research, etc. Research activities associated with the Lab have included investigations regarding the nature, basis, evaluation, and intervention of developmental language disorders. The LDL has computer hardware and software available for statistical data analysis, computer-assisted language sample analysis, acoustical analysis of speech, presentation software, etc.  It also houses audio and video recording equipment typically employed in research on child language.  The Lab also has the capability of computer-based presentation of audio and visual stimuli, with the related capacity of computer-based response/data collection.  Other resources of the Lab consist of a wide range of tests and measurements, and stimuli used in research on child language development and disorders.  The Language Development & Disorders Lab houses parTrans --  a computerized database of language samples from normal and language-delayed children.
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