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Michael W. Casby, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Professor

Noun-Phrase Elaboration in Children with Language Impairments.
Phonetic Substance of the Morphophonemic Form /Iz/.
Otitis Media & Language Development: A Meta-Analysis.
(Very) Low Birth Weight & Language Outcome: A Meta-Analysis.
Perceptual Analysis of Temporally-Altered Speech Stimuli
    Used in Computer-Based
Language Intervention.
Lexical Age of Acquisition: Word Imagery, Familiarity, Frequency and
    Neighborhood Size.

Grammatical Morphology & Specific Language Impairment: A

Specific Language Impairment & Cognition: A Meta-Analysis.
Default Aspect & Event Realization in Children with SLI.
The Relationship of Sample Size and Mean Length of Utterance
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