Lesson Plan: Variables


Big Ideas:

EPE Table:



 Patterns  Explanations

Variables effecting the growth of a bean sprout



What brand of microwave popcorn has the least amount of un-popped kernels?


What type of bubble gum has the longest lasting flavor?




What type of computer chair is the most comfortable to sit in?

Amount of sunlight, amount of water, soil type/fertilizer



Control: Time

Manipulated: Brand/type of popcorn

Responding: # Kernels un-popped



C: Bubble gum

M: Amount of sugar, brand

R: How long flavor lasts



C: How they were built/manufacturer

M: Material used to make it

R: How comfortable the chair is

Identifying Variables


Michigan Objective(s)

Design and conduct scientific investigations.


Specific Lesson Objective(s)

Design experiment and identify the manipulated, responding, and controlled variable targeted towards answering specific questions provided.


Introduction (5 minutes)

Main Teaching Activity (30-35 minutes)

Conclusion (5 minutes)

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