Applied Forest Ecology and Dendrochronology Laboratory 


The sustainability of forest resources in the 21st century will likely be threatened by climate change and induced changes in disturbance regimes.  Forest management practices may have the potential to promote climatic resiliency.  The general goal of this lab is to contribute to the sustainable management of forest resources under climate change by providing a mechanistic understanding of how environmental factors and forest management practices influence above-ground forest productivity and forest regeneration. 

Methodological tools from the discipline of dendrochronology are frequently used to characterize the physiological ecology of tree species and reconstruct forest stand dynamics and tree growth patterns. 

Research is currently being conducted in forest related biomes in North America (temperate savannas, temperate deciduous forests) and Africa (tropical savannas, and tropical forests).

This research will contribute to adaptive and sustainable forest management options in the face of future climate change.

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