Club Information

Circle K is part of the Kiwanis Family, along with Kiwanis clubs, Key clubs, Aktion Clubs, Builders clubs, and K-Kids clubs. We have a proud Kiwanis-Family heritage, and as such, we do a variety of combined service projects with other Kiwanis groups in the local area. The first Circle K club was started in 1947 in Carthage IL. 10 years later the Michigan District was chartered with 11 clubs. It was one of the first 3 to join and make Circle K International!

Michigan State Circle K started in 1972. The club is sponsored by East Lansing Kiwanis club. Since that time we have been doing service primarily around the entire greater Lansing area.

Furthermore, Circle K is an international organization. There are clubs all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Korea, the Philippines, Jamaica and many others too! Circle K International has more than 12,000 members in over 550 clubs.

Becoming a Member

How do you become a member?

Joining MSU Circle K is really simple. Stop by one of our meetings every other Sunday (beginning Sunday Sept. 7th), 6:00 PM, then fill out a membership application form (which can be found below in the Forms page) and pay $20 dues.

Why should you join Circle K?

Being apart of the world's largest collegiate service organization has its privileges:

  • Become eligible for a variety of scholarships
  • Gain valuable leadership skills by serving as a chair or executive board member
  • Network with Circle K and Kiwanis members while also making lasting friendships
  • Attend conferences and conventions to enhance your leadership skills and provide you with workshops on leadership
  • Take part in serving the Lansing and MSU communities
  • Enhance your resume for graduate schools and the job market
  • Receive a membership pin and certificate
  • You Should Know...

  • MSU Circle K does not have a service requirement. Once you join, the amount of service you wish to participate in is up to you. Although we hope you are active and take advantage of the variety of service projects available - we do not have a service requirement.
  • Members must pay dues because we are part of an international organization. A portion of your dues goes to the international body of Circle K, another portion to the Michigan District of Circle K (which is simply all the colleges and universities in the state of Michigan with Circle K Clubs), and a small portion goes to MSU Circle K.
  • Since Circle K International is the world's largest collegiate community service organization, the networking availablities are practically endless.
  • We help track your service hours, so they are available for you to use on resumes, applications, etc.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the executive board members. You can find their contact information on the Contact Page