After arriving at MSU in the fall of 2010 I volunteered to start up a class on audition preparation, since none was offered at the time. In addition to taking about 50 auditions (I lost count a long time ago), I have listened to thousands of audition rounds during my 9 years as personnel manager of the New Mexico Symphony. My course at MSU utilized resources that I have accumulated over the years, as well as life lessons from personal experience as an auditionee, audition proctor, personnel manager, and committee member. Although I do not teach the class any more, I occasionally do audition preparation coaching on a private basis.

The following is a bibliography of some of the materials that are read and discussed in my class.

  • Greene, Don. Fight your Fear and Win. New York: Broadway Books, 2001. (required textbook)
  • Gallwey, W. Timothy. The Inner Game of Tennis. Revised Edition. New York: Random House, 1997. (required textbook)
  • Kaplan, Burton. Practicing for Artistic Success. Perception Development Techniques, 2004.
  • Dunkel, Stewart Edward. The Audition Process: Anxiety Management and Coping Strategies. Pendragon Press, 1991.
  • Bacon, Thomas. Practice Smarter, not Harder. Self-Published article, 2003.
  • Tindall, Blair. "Better Playing through Chemistry." New York Times 17 Oct 2004, Print.
  • AFM resume guide (PDF)
  • Doug Yeo audition articles, he is the retired bass trombonist of the Boston Symphony, he describes in great detail the ins and outs of the audition process

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Resources for audition openings

  • is the first place to look for openings in US union orchestras (log-in required)
  • Musical Chairs Contains worldwide listings, most orchestras in Europe and Asia will advertise here
  • This is a pay site, but the discussion forums are free and contain information about who won recent auditions


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