Minimum equipment requirements:
1936 pistol belt, 1923 canteen cup and cover, 1923 M-1 cartridge belt 10 pocket type, M1936 suspenders

Uniform requirements: low quarter boots, 2 buckle boots or jump boots,  M1938 leggins, white T-shirt, HBT shirt, type 2-3, HBT trousers type 2-3-4, M-41 and or M-43 jacket.  M-1 helmet with 327 emblem.

Additional equipment :  M-43 entrenching tool and carrier, or t-handle e-tool and carrier, bayonet for your weapon, bandolier for your weapon type, musette bag, 1942 carlisle bandage and pouch, gas mask bag, M-3 fighting knife

Additional uniform items:  wool shirt and trousers, long wool overcoat, jeep cap, leather+wool gloves, GI scarf, HBT cap. overseas cap with the paraglider emblem and infantry piping. helmet nets optional.

Additional gear page

Normandy Uniform

Late War Uniform



 Event Dress Code

  • M-41 Coat
  • HBT shirt and trousers may be worn
  • Low quarter boots
  • Leggins
  • Gas Brassard
  • M-43 Jacket
  • HBT shirt and Trousers or M-43 shirt and trousers
  • Double buckle boots or Jump boots
  • 48 star invasion flag pinned onto jacket sleeve
  • Same as Holland except do not wear the invasion flag
  • Wool overcoats may be worn
  • Wool and leather gloves may be worn
  • Jeep caps
  • Scarves
  • Mackinaw Jacket
**Note: Early war gear may be used at later war events but no late war gear at early war events** ,  HBT's were mainly worn not the wool
Authenticity:  Hair is to be cut short in a military style fashion, no hair is to be touching your collar at any events.
    Facial Hair:  2-4 days growth is ok for Bastogne events but otherwise you must be clean shaven.
    Mustaches:  Not to exceed past the upper lip.
    Side burns:  Not to extend past the bottom of the ear.
    Beards:  Absolutely not
    No Mohawks

Artificial Grenades:  May be used in close range especially for those pesky Krauts that dont like to die.  Check link on how to make your own.

Rifles and SMG's

M-1 Garand

M-1 Carbine


Browning Automatic rifle "BAR"

Thompson SMG


M-3 Grease gun SMG

Trench gun (used only in Pacific)


M1911 .45 ACP

38 cal. Smith and Wesson

Other Weapons

Frag Grenade                                                                                                            Rifle Grenade Launcher

M3 Knife

M18 Knife                                               Garand bayonet

30 Cal water cooled

30. Cal Air Cooled Browning

50 Cal machine gun

2.36 rocket  launcher,  bazooka

Gas Mask                                                          60mm Mortar

Glider Handcart

*All weapons are to be in good working order and must pass a safety inspection before being used.  Blank adapters and crimped blanks from a reputable maker only will be used.*


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